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Today apparently

a Brechin player was sent off for calling a kelty player an effing póòf for requiring treatment after a soft foul.

was this a bizarre over reaction and or the correct punishment for completely unacceptable behaviour?

Interested in views. As far as I know the kelty player isn’t gay.

I think I’m right in saying you could call a player a “b” a “c” a hoor, but not a poof.

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Radge McRadge
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So basically your opening gambit is to somehow defend a homophobe.
Absolutely not, I’m interested in everyone’s views on it.

if someone calls me a poof does that make them homophobic? I’m not sure it does.

regardless though; I wonder if use of that particular word is covered by humzas hate speech laws, in which case he might be looking at a 6 game ban and a criminal record. Is that proportionate?


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Not sure I understand what you're looking for views on? It's an acknowledged term of homophobic abuse and the rules state that's a red card offence. Seems straightforward enough to me.


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If you call your mate a “big poof” who’s clearly not gay, I don’t see it being homophobic. Obviously it’s different if there’s someone gay around. I guess calling someone a big girls blouse is now sexist 🤔


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When I were a lad I used to go for a "chinky" with absolutely zero racist intent. Then one day I learnt that the term was offensive to Chinese people so I simply stopped saying it. My life didn't get materially worse in any way, shape or form by simply removing that word from my vocabulary and because I'm not a massive snowflake I didn't feel the need to go greeting about PC gone mad, I just accepted that the word dropping out of usage made life better for some people and made fuck all difference to me.


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I didn't think the term poof was derogatory anymore, for poofs anyway. It wasn't, then it was and then it wasn't again etc. However that was when I was working and when I was a liaison type person with minority groups it could well have changed again. I recently saw a list of 'acceptable' terms, just for women, that ran to about 4 pages of A4!

In terms of the footballer. Never mind (sort of) that the remark was homophobic, it was abusive, as are the other terms mentioned by @Purple & Green. That's unsporting behaviour and could be a sending off.


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Whatever the lads intent it’s a very poor comment and a deserved sending off.

I can imagine the pelters the ref would get if he didn’t take action and rightly so.

On a positive note, I was surprised to read this happened as it is not a term I ever hear today.


Just A Radge
In this day and age why would you even call someone that on the pitch? Could he not think of somehting more imaginative like bawbag


Just A Radge
A wonder if the same witch-hunt that Michael Gardyne had will apply or if it will get hushed up?
Watch this space nothing to see here
The referee should not have sent him off......He should have got him to stand with his legs apart and given the aforementioned poof a free boot at his balls. Non PC rools ya bass.

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