Please stop it!


Coffee Shop Radge
So (;))) this is natural language evolution. Your generation (however old you are) did exactly the same.

'groovy' out, 'wicked' in etc

And the now younger gens will be girnin tge same when they get on a bit.

It's not just natural, it is necessary as language is only as alive and growing as its speakers.

End of i m jolly girn :)


Legendary Radge
'Like' speech is now spattered with it. Also the Australian led, inflection. Where all sentences go up at the end like a question. One of my nephews speaks like that. Most annoying. Also 'awesome' no it's not, it's vaguely good.Also my season seat pal next to me Puskas Suttie's son was using 'douchebag' all the time until I pulled him up for it.
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