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emerald green

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They did come from here.They were Scots who settled in Ulster.
sakes moaty! Ah ken fine aboot "Ulster Scots" and their history.

Once those originals died hunnners o years ago thats gone. Their offspring were Irish. Born and bread in Ireland? yer Irish!.. So naw, someone born and bread in Ireland, isnae coming "back" if they came to Scotland. Ayr or no. Apologies not making my point clearer.

I hate everything to do with it. Awful.

emerald green

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I did't think it quite as good as some of you. I thought the whole thing of Kielty helping build the bonfire with the tricolour on top hard to take, it tried to strip out the deeply bigoted politics of the whole bonfire season and seemed set up simply to keep dialogue going with the young unionist.
I also thought there was a real naivety in the notion that a solution can be found where everyone is happy, thats just not possible, its not even possible in Scotland never mind N.Ireland.
That said, there's something interesting in the way identity is made to work, that people can have no material goods or hope so lean heavily on identity, its what DuBois called psychological compensation, I might be poor, I might have nothing, I might have no hope, but i have my identity as not being one of them
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Watched it last night.Patrick,whom I used to think of as a bit of a lightweight comedian did a piece on Norn.Ireland.Not a place I've ever been to; but I know Newhoose is just back from Belfast.
What a feckin, place. Quite depressing really, like the Weedge on steroids.Having seen the scenes I can see the place erupting again
,I understood the guy saying 'I might move to Spain'. Johnson and his shenanigans have only exasperated the problem.The only solution as far as I can see is a United Ireland and the 'Brits' such as they are now in the minority in their own little piece of 'Britain' can fuck off to Ayr.
I'll ask my brother if he wants to 'fuck off to Ayr'

I'll come back to you on it.
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Mad Hibees Radge
Don't take too long.
OK. Just spoke to him.

He said that as he was born in Belfast, spent the early part of his childhood there, and moved back over 20 years ago, he feels he is fully entitled and happy to stay there and not fuck off to Ayr. He did also say he likes debate and if you ever actually GO there he'll meet up for a beer and discussion.

For a decent poster most of the time sometimes you come across as a fuckin clown.

His words, mind.
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