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Purple & Green

Radge McRadge
Worth a read.....
Isn’t it?

this bit

“I could reach the level they were at. I was starting all over again. My career in Scotland didn’t really mean anything at that point.”

I think he sounds like an absolute diamond, brilliant attitude and what a different perspective getting somebody talking to him who isn’t obsessed with the fact he is/was contracted to Huns. He clearly gives the impression he’s totally focussed to Hibs.

I hope he can steer clear of injuries, we desperately need him back in the team.


Top radge
A player who wants to help the players coming into the team and is doing his badges.

Aye, I like him.
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Well-Known Radge
Seems a good guy and a good bit of business by hibs even if he can’t play against the huns this season.
Also quite like these one to ones good insight