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Bounce Radge
We are delighted to report that the Club have today launched the Official 3rd Kit for Season 2020/21.

Supporters may recall that the Club very kindly agreed to embrace a special design for this strip that included all the names of those supporters who were fully paid Members of Hibernian Supporters by 20th October 2019 to recognise their role in raising £800,000 for the Club and securing a 15.4% stake in the Club.

It is fitting that we don’t forget how important this funding was as it allowed the Club to do two important things :

  • Deliver football success, including the Scottish Cup, by securing players that we would not have had without that money

  • Achieve it’s desired strategy of widening the ownership base to include the fans.

The kit will be worn by the men’s first team squad during the 2020/21 season and we are looking forward to seeing fans wearing the shirt at Easter Road and in stadiums across the country when supporters can return to matches. We hope it will help #SpreadTheWord about Hibernian Supporters and encourage other fans to visit our web site.

This was a great gesture by the Club to recognise things in the past. What we are hoping to do is to build on this and we plan to recognise Members and their generosity by offering prizes/rewards that we hope they will enjoy.

Our current campaign and initiative is really quite simple. We recognise the very difficult trading conditions that the Club are operating in so all our donations right now are being directed to the Club to provide additional financial support to the first team budget. We’re ordinary supporters and we want to see us back at the top, and back into Europe next season. We know that money alone can’t guarantee anything, but it helps.

Hibernian fans are the very fabric of the club, and for the 2020/21 season they really will be.

Please help us to make as many supporters as possible aware of us by encouraging them to visit our web site at

Hibernian Supporters


Purple & Green

Radge McRadge
If I’d known it was going to be this nice I’d have paid up by October 😂

that’s much nicer than the change strip I reckon.

reading the email, as a member, I’m still concerned that the message is unclear and jumbled over what HSL is for and what its current aims are. I get that this “isnt the time” perhaps to quibble about donating money to the club. But, equally, if not now - when?

Dan's A Hibee!

Bounce Radge
Just to add to what Jim has said above, we are really hopeful that the launch of the third kit today goes some way to show the club are working in collaboration with what we are all trying to achieve at Hibernian Supporters - at the end of the day everyone involved (fans, club employees, board members) are all striving to achieve the same things, ultimately success on the pitch for Hibernian FC. We've got a real chance to kick on in the new season and cement our place as a leading force in Scotland and every donation helps the club to achieve that goal.

We've announced a prize draw today which gives all contributors with a Francks balance of 1875 or above by 23:59 on Monday night the chance to win one of ten shirts. All winners will be contacted on Tuesday 21st July when you'll be able to let us know your preferred size and the shirt will be available to delivery/collection in October when the shipment arrives from Macron.

We hope today can act as a kickstart for the Hibernian Supporters initiative - we have lots of nice prizes up for grabs over the next few months with the re-introduction of the Francks system which looks to give a little back to fans who contribute to the club regularly.

The message is really simple at the moment - all money is handed to the club once a month and all funds go towards boosting our player budget which gives us the best chance of bringing top players to Easter Road. If you're sitting on the fence or unsure whether or not to sign up, now is a great time to join in.

As an average fan and someone who's got more involved with the Hibernian Supporters cause over the last few weeks I'm more than happy to answer any queries via PM from anyone thinking to get involved. There's an FAQ page on the website here which should answer the majority of things but if there's anything else I can help with don't hesitate to reach out.

Really looking forward to seeing this continue to grow and hopefully those in a position to do so will consider joining up as we approach the new season.


Bounce Radge
Am I right in assuming there's no collection or buy in the shop option?

I've never bought online from Hibs before, just over the counter.


Bounce Radge
Always love our yellow shirts. I hope the club release a nameless version at a later date.

Far nicer than the current away shirt.

Desperate Dan

Scottish no british, ya radge
Bounce Radge
Am I right in assuming there's no collection or buy in the shop option?

I've never bought online from Hibs before, just over the counter.
You can only pre-order it online and no in the store, there is however at the checkout the option of having it posted or collecting from the shop.

The order window will close on FRIDAY 6TH AUGUST 2020


Bounce Radge
It’s nice apart from the collar.

looking forward to finding my name on it, pretty special having your name on an official Hibees top!

I will buy it for that very reason but unlikely to ever wear it.


Bounce Radge
Looking forward to find my name on there.

I like the top. One of the best yellow ones we have had in a while.


Bounce Radge
Will buy for my daughter and nephew no chance I’d wear it although my names on it

Sir Shrink

Retired Radge
Bounce Radge
Will buy for my daughter and nephew no chance I’d wear it although my names on it
Quite so.
You are sensible enough to realise that there comes a point when a man has to accept that he is no longer able to carry off a Hibs top with the necessary aplomb.
There’s little more pathetic frankly than some sad old waster wearing our strip.
I hope that I am just as fair minded when I reach that point.
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