(Non-Charitable) Appeal


Legendary Radge
The more meaningless threads the better, although Moaty did say he was taking a break frae the Bounce.

Radges, crisps, flags, Hari Krishna and the occasional post about Hibs.

Lockdown hasn't helped, no pub meetings, no tours and no away day stories to share.
I lasted what 4 fucking days? Then I couldnae take it any more. The idea was I was going to come back on the eve of the Arse game but i had to have a sneaky peak, then I saw the KP post and I had to log back on.


Skivin cooncil Radge
Sorry I'm not fluent in tecuchter
Dinnae speak teuchter does that translate as you haven't had goujons but you have had dick?
Its nae teuchter min. Its Doric. Peterhead Doric. Teuchter dorics naething like Peterhead doric.
N dinna let ma gait fool ye.
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