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A message to you, radge
The more meaningless threads the better, although Moaty did say he was taking a break frae the Bounce.

Radges, crisps, flags, Hari Krishna and the occasional post about Hibs.

Lockdown hasn't helped, no pub meetings, no tours and no away day stories to share.

emerald green

Well-Known Radge
We are the provisional wing of the Hibernian support.!

Bring back sweary scott and fuck the hearts

No fucks should ever be given on the bounce

bring back *&*^ tae ffs
Its Ruth the mooths script writer!
Aw we need now is 69er himsel and the place has finally turned inte a cheapo version o Carstairs!
Fuckin nuthoose!
Greenman's tour de force whirlwind carnage tae Peterheid with you and Marshall behaving just as badly. Doesnae happen enough on here. Still piss masel (Dinnae tell Shrink he will want to organise a grand Piss off between him and myself) every time I think about the bizarre situation. Splendid.



Just A Radge
It appears time is of the essence.
The later it is, the mair pish gets trotted oot.
Interesting to note the initial rant is posted at 11.30pm by The Piss artist formerly known as Doc Shrink.
No doubt pleasuring himself while poring through his collection of 'pics& vids'.
A glass of cheap plonk in one hand, and some floppy disk in the other.
As for the reek of ammonia by that time of day.....eye watering.

Having got the attention of the Bounce 'dark web' aficionados it then becomes a bit like the great plaque.....Bring out your dead.....
The Dutch cap makes his usual 'wee small 'oors' appearance.....probably blinded by the array of lighting necessary for his 'hobby'.

We then see Rocky make an appearance at 03.50......wishing Shrink to be his bairns granda. Jesus fucking h christ. Doesnt the bairn smell o pish enough already?

As for wanting Moaty to be its uncle??????

Then we have the major contributor to the thread.....in number of posts that is. (4). Substance wise they're not much to speak of.
One asking for the return of a fucking loony. One saying he doesnt mind being called a dullard.....why would you, Bill?
His 3rd contribution asking about grammar ????
His 4th post then misses out a 't'.
What a fucking wanker!!!!!

I note Numptyploom and Tatie on this thread too. I suppose the poor *&*^ simply strayed in by accident?
Dee yersels a favour you two....ging te yer beds wi yer cocoa like the sensible people on the Bounce and leave these threads to professional fuckwits.
Oi! I’m neither poor or a *&*^( which ,I think you’ve spelt wrong by the way!)
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