Nish possible signing

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Erin go Bragh Radge
Is Nish the lad that came from Motherwell? Then Jeffries compared him to Van Nistelrooy?:rollfloor :rollfloor :rollfloor


Muito Louco Radge
IanLegend said:
Know him as he comes from Musselburgh. Sorry but he aint no Hibs player. Full stop! End of conversation!

I would go along with that, I used to play in the same school team as him.


Just A Radge
Louise_hfc said:
Apparently Hibs have been looking at Kilmarnocks Colin Nish as a signing target for next season. Other clubs are interested too as he is out of contract at the end of the season. Mobray apparently wants a big target man up front to suit our long ball game.
Hibs freed Nish as a youngster before he joined Dunfermline.Not a bad player but not good enough for Hibs.


Paul Hartley is Gay Radge
a dont think hes as bad as everyones sayin but a dont think hes good enough to be a hibs player and since when have hibs ever needed the long ball game TM has only ever really went on about how we should keep the ball on the deck and playin the passing game which is alot better. :bbb:

emerald green

Well-Known Radge
Sir Tony has raised the bar at ER:thumbgrin (couple of exceptions).

But you definately need to be of a higher standard :thumbgrin

Nish not good enough for us I'm afraid. But good luck to the guy.

Hibs for the cup
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