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Hibernian, Hibernian Ra Ra Radge
No chance.
He’s still to prove himself at Hibs.

I've just had a Facebook conversation with my pal Dale QPR Moxon and apart from telling me I was right when I said Dykes would prove to be a pish signing for them he advises that as QPR are having to conform to something called Fair Play rules having had a hefty fine for overspending previously, it's unlikely that they will be in for Nisbet.


Just A Radge
Aye, its on some QPR transfer rumours site. Probably about as reliable as some of the rumours posted on here


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Last Of The Summer Wine Radge
Get a new pair of (dry) frillies on and calm things down to a panic. We won’t be getting any bids in January of a value we’d even need to think about.

If he does the business for a sustained period and there is eventually genuine interest then our cut would still be decent after the Fifers are weighed in.


Sell Nisbet and we’re just saying our season is over.

Unless it’s ridiculous money (and I mean ridiculous), he shouldn’t be sold anytime in the next 18 months.
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