New Music - post your random newly discovered gems


Hibernian, Hibernian Ra Ra Radge
I don't know how new this is but it's new to me and I like it



2 old but new to me, one new and getting loads of airplay. All excellent IMO.

Grace Jones - Williams Blood

Pastor TL Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir

public Service Broadcasting

Sunshine on Leith

Young band from Yorkshire...



Easy Now Radge
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Easy Now Radge
They're not new but I only found them a couple o' months ago so new to me.

English funk fae Colombia...

If anybody does listen to it, can ya verify who's playing the piano at the end? I hink it's Les Dawson likes :hmmm

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Hibee Kev

Well-Known Radge
From, of all things, the FIFA 15 soundtrack! Decent synth track though:



New radge

An Australian band that i am into. There are a ton of really decent Oz bands. Another being the great blues band Teskey Brothers
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Legendary Radge
Well after seeing the splendid Chief Inspector Mieckleson the other night there I decided to look up yon Nova Scotia the Truth woman and discovered she is really quite good. Sorry not good at this you tube stuff.


Legendary Radge
Also my mates band the Tango Rhums have been around for a while now,but if you like punkie sounds you might like them.
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