Most hated non rival team player

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Well-Known Radge
Add Matt Dawson to that list. Eve of England's World Cup Final against the Springboks he was on a TV programme picking a team from the two line-ups.

He picked 15 out of 15 English players - despite South Africa having a far superior record against England.

The rest is history as they say - Lekker Bokke!
Speaking of rugby . Johnny sexton is a moaning faced cant
Every single decision he was in the refs face v all blacks . Despise the prick 😡


Well-Known Radge
According to the hun at my work, John Terry is Celtic fan!
I'm ALMOST amused by the idea of him pitching up at parkhead giving it the old "Oi Oi! JT's here lads. Ain't no black in the Union Jack eh. Good bless the Queen"

Can you imagine 🤣🤣🤣

*Comedy value aside, he's obviously still a horrible *&*^
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