Most hated non rival team player

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To be fair to Moore, he is a very balanced pundit regarding the rugby
I take your point though. Carling is an absolute prick.
Add Matt Dawson to that list. Eve of England's World Cup Final against the Springboks he was on a TV programme picking a team from the two line-ups.

He picked 15 out of 15 English players - despite South Africa having a far superior record against England.

The rest is history as they say - Lekker Bokke!


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Is it too much of a stretch to nominate that wee brat that does the "Glasgow Boiler Company" advert on TV?

I know he's not a footballer, or not professional anyway, but I'd happily play keepy-uppy with his head.
Only if I can have every single person in any Trivento wine advert. Have some professional pride you jobbing actor wankers


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Bobo Balde was a bit of a knob while he was playing because he got away with being a thug playing for Celtic. It was downright despicable/hilarious when he refused to mutually agree to piss off, and chose to run down his ruinously expensive contract in the Sellick reserves for a year or two instead.

Rivaldo - purely for the worst blatant injury play-acting, seen round the world by tens of millions of people. What a *&*^.

Neil Lennon was a bit of a twat as a player

Rowan Vine (I know he used to play for us) - a mascot for the doldrum 2008-2014 period where we signed players of fledgling promise who turned out to be completely shite. Ran like he had concrete slippers. Just pips James Collins for the position due to the daft face fuzz.

A couple of ex-players who seemed to flourish after leaving Hibs and seemed to score for fun against us: Craig Brewster, Stevie Crawford. Pity they couldn’t score so prolifically FOR us..

Michael Schumacher is one of the most successful racing drivers of all time, and I have nothing but sympathy for him and his family since the accident. But it doesn’t excuse the fact he was a dirty racer at times. Blatantly ignoring penalties from the chief steward or bending rules. Thank fuck Mika Hakkinen put him in his place in the late 90s.

I’d be happy if Piers Morgan suddenly disappeared too.
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Davy is awright just happened to live there
Haha yeh. Was the 1980 team I mostly watched..wont get kudos for that though as Sandg Clarke was their captain. Knew the names of pretty much whole team then but time fades the memory and can only name a few now. I remember the goalie getting stick for working during the miners strike. Henry Templeton was another player..I feel old..


get off yer bum an sing radge
Could ptob start another thread with players hou know you should hate but quite like...I'd prob get thrown off the bounce though
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