Most hated non rival team player

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Ifield Hibee

Just A Radge
Allan McGegor, you all know why. The shite on your shoes.

Nacho Novo, scumbag.

Davie Cooper as Shrink says, same as McGregor.

Tag McGowan is a rat.

Andy Goram, see McGregor.

Derek Fergushun, thick hun bastard.

Gerrard, hun and captain of Liverpool, nasally challenged cockwomble.

Biggest *&*^ in England was Emelyn Hughes, squeaky voices, red shite prick.

Chris Boyd, fat, illeterate hun fuck

Andy Wanker, hates every team he ever played for.

Difficult to argue against any of them.

Can I add:

Jack Grealish and Raheem Sterling. I think they embody everything that that is wrong with too many self absorbed modern day footballers!!


Legendary Radge
'The biggest smile in football'. Aye, when he was winning.

A vote for Craig Bellamy, insufferable, arrogant prick.

Listened to a few podcasts with ex players that say Bellamy was a shite bag, that only picked on the youngsters and players he could get away with it. Slippy G nailed him to the wall at Liverpool and he shit the bed.


Auld Enuff Tae Know Better This Radge
Another Dave Bowman hater was my late Mum who had very little interest in football , the minute his puss appeared on tv she'd say "I hate that bastard" . I never ever found out why but there you go

His sister was a barmaid in the Hammy Lodge down Portobello beach when I was 12/13 year old. My Mum & Dad used to go for a Sunday session. I'd be playing pool perving at the barmaid collecting images for later that night... She was no bad. nowt like him obviously!
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