Mayweather and some internet dude


get off yer bum an sing radge
No wonder Josh called it a circus, and a bloody expensive one at that, with Floyd reported to earn up to $72m. This against a guy no one knows except internet freaks who live in a fantasy land where their hero will take down one of boxings best. The guy doesn't even have a half decent record, one fight, one defeat! In the world where money talks perhaps there are victors like Mayweather who can use his reputation to guarantee his pension and the other guy use his i-net savvy to make big bucks whilst probably taking a sore face and head in the process. The world has gone crazy, unfortunately all the people who pay to watch this fight are quite happy to see the world turn on it's head


get off yer bum an sing radge
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The Tube, You Tuber or whatever he is should not be encouraged. Mayweather should be ashamed.
Totally agree, it is making a mockery of boxing. I suppose some people just need the money. I expect a first round knockout


get off yer bum an sing radge
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Hope so

Him and his brother need a do'in
What gets me is how do many people can be interested in them. I've never heard of them before this and I would be happy to never again. But somehow I feel we are fated To


Top radge
Only reason I know who they are is cause they got some heavy publicity for going into a suicide forest in Japan and live videoing a guy hanging from a tree.

Then a few years later they're boxing superstars 🤷‍♂️

Floyd has disgraced himself taking this fight, not even on his record.
The other brother will keep cherry picking his opponents.
Wish they offered Bisping enough money to come out of retirement, he'd have pieced them up, 1 eye and all.
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