Looks like the gunts have had it.


Legendary Radge
Better not dwell too long on Alloa results. Although this is very pleasing. No doubt it's being referred to as the 'diddy' cup on keechback as we speak.


Legendary Radge
I was just remembering a memorable rainy night in Lithgae Newhoose and I after Alloa had beaten us 1-0.There was an Alloa player in the postal office pub I think it's called.Rocky had dropped us off.


Aulder Than The Internet This Radge
Gunts accounts are out (to 30th June). I've not read them, here's what I've picked up elsewhere.

There's shitloads of money coming from benefactors, directors and obviously FoH. But look what they wasted on their idiotic legal battles.

Here are the highlights copied from their webshite

Key points to note:
· Turnover in excess of £12m
· Net profit of £473k
· Strong balance sheet with net assets of approximately £18m
· Over £340k gain on sale of players
· Exceptional legal fees of £646k