Leigh Griffiths - extends at Celtc for 1 year 01/07/2021

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Makes sense what you are saying, just passing on what has been reported. I personally now don’t think he was offered a deal just to come to us as his new manager has already said he has the chance to extend that deal. When I first heard about LG signing for them I had my suspicions about it, especially when he dropped everything about the club on his social media and training on his own.

We will just have to wait and see.

Dropping them from social media sounds like a bit of negotiating from Leigh.
Probably didn't have the contract on the table right up until he was free (probably be some loophole where they don't need to pay a loyalty fee, or some such if the contract officially ends)
So he drops them from social media, alerting everyone else that he's unattached and boom, next day, contract lands and Leigh signs.

You can't trust or read into anything that happens nowadays, every step is part of a much bigger game being played.


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He's not what we need.
The fact Dundee are the only club in for him speaks for itself imo.

Competing with Cillian Sheridan and Jase for a spot.


Auld Enuff Tae Know Better This Radge
signed for Dundee
I expect he'll do well and score more goals for Dundee than a forward we signed on loan last week will for us. Ultimately I just want us to have forwards that score goals. And he does. Just won't be for us. Never mind many of us can still say he wasted his career as he bangs them in.


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I'm not bothered he's away there
Fact Dundee are the only club willing says plenty imo.

Cillian Sheridan will keep him out the team.


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Best of luck to the boy but he's a spent force I reckon. Hope he proves me wrong but I doubt it. Fair play to Dundee though, they're showing a bit ambition.


Auld Enuff Tae Know Better This Radge
I dont think he'd play ahead of Nisbet and that's a lot of money to pay for someone who plays off the bench.

I'm not convinced that would've been a good deal.
I have found a lot of these type comments you make quite interesting...

"... he'd not play ahead of Hanlon so he'd have to sign knowing he's not going to play".

"...I don't think he'd play ahead of Nisbet".

Apologies if I've not exactly quoted what you've said but it's been along they lines....

I think that's long been our problem at Hibs. Too many are guaranteed a start. Nobody at a club the size and statue of Hibs should be guaranteed a start. And no player is able to play every game.

Maybe I'm old fashioned but for me you assemble the best possible squad you can with the budget you have. Nobody is guaranteed a jersey. You create healthy competition. You play well you retain the jersey. If not there's alternatives within the squad. Neither Paul Hanlon nor Kevin Nisbet are that good to be guaranteed a start. And neither will be fit for every game.

And I'm not buying it that Leigh Griffith's couldn't have partnered Kevin Nisbet. And I'm not buying it that James Scott will score more, or create more, than Leigh Griffith's would have.

A wasted opportunity for me.
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