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It’s been a month since the Hibs supporters representative result and I just wanted to give you a quickfire update of what I’ve been up tae.

I haven’t attended any board meetings as of yet (there’s lots going on at the club at the moment as we approach season end and summer activity ramping up).

I’ve met new faces and people within the support over the last 5 games - in and out of the ground - it’s going to be a barry test of my memory skills.

Inside the club, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting lots of good, hardworking individuals - bottom to top - people that juggle a number of priorities to make sure Hibernian is the best experience for us all. It’s an infectious work ethic - I keep reminding those I speak to tae shout if they need any support.

I’ve sent an email out to all the HSA branches to begin the working partnership that I’ve also began on social media. If you are a secretary or chair of a group that hasn’t heard from me do get in touch. Club email is now up and running should ANYONE need it -

This very forum presented some great queries to the board in February before I was onboarded. I’ve sought the response to this and it’s now on the other forum.

I’m still available through the channels people have used already - forums, social media and direct messages. I’ve been able to help around 20 supporters so far on a number of points (ticket solutions, finance alternatives, disabled access queries, away match escalations and more). It’s great to help on those matters and I’m looking forward to finding out about the higher level improvement suggestions and commonalities before passing them on to the club.

I was very fortunate to receive an invite to attend the Hibs Player of the Year event at the Corn Exchange on Sunday. Top night and well organised. I’ve made a donation of £99 to the fantastic Leith Links | Helping Children by Supporting Hibs initiative to cover the cost of the ticket given to me. Leith Links was set up in June 2013 with the aim of helping children AND supporting Hibs, by collecting donations so additional Kicks for Kids season tickets could be purchased.

I attended my first Working Together group two days ago. I was keen to listen to the experience and knowledge in attendance. I won’t take the shine away from the forthcoming minutes but it was great to hear about our season ticket numbers, stadium concourse & Behind the Goals improvement ideas and our enhanced Digital communications. Next Meeting is Monday May 27th 6:30pm at the stadium, which I’ll chair.

Best question I’ve been asked comes fae Newhoose here - if the rumours of the police dugs are true can we parade them at half time like the 70s?

Once I get more involved I’ll keep the updates coming.

Gies’ a shout any time I can help. Hibs related or not.



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Another quickfire update of what I’ve been up to since my last update post on the 1st of May.

May has been a quiet month despite having three league games (feels like an age ago already that those were played).

Only thing to note from those fixtures - Myself and Tracey met with Hibs to ensure the right level of security was in place for us visiting Ibrox on Sunday 5th May (Hibs would then meet counterparts and other parties ahead of the game). The ‘Hibs only’ zone between the car park and the away turnstiles (entering from Broomloan Road on foot) worked ok the last time – it was fed back we would want access to the toilets at full time, car park checks and the desire not to spend as long in the car park as our previous visit in December. Both our visits had Celtic visiting Ibrox soon after, so it will be interesting to see if this continues next season.

I’m now familiar with most people in the club and I can now fully support any urgent escalations confidently. Definitely here to flag positives, improvements and objective criticisms from valuable supporter insights in the June board meeting and beyond.

There has been a number of quick wins over the last month, the fans and club have been great finding solutions. Commonalities flagged from a selection of supporters (not on behalf of all); HSL needing more official club endorsement, Focus on Unacceptable conduct from visiting supporters to Easter Road, Matchday Experience improvements (Atmosphere, PA System, Catering, Seating, Stadium refresh), supporting fans with seat moves and supporting fans with season ticket purchase. The club is aware of all of these.

No Working Together Meeting this month – end of season and staff holidays kicking in. Those that do attend will be aware of the small changes the club is trying to make over the summer (paint, signage, smarten-up and refresh) to make the matchday experience better for those that call Easter Road their home – I’ll not steal the clubs communication thunder but there is some great ideas floating about on instant fixes for the look and feel of the place. More to come.

Some fantastic work by Hibs to get a 4 month payment plan option, interest free, with V12 out today - caught me by surprise - - this wasn't looking like an option this year with V12 - as far as I was aware earlier in the week - so the club have pulled out all the stops to get this over the line for us.

Had the great pleasure of attending The Changing Room on Monday 27th May at Easter Road stadium. This initiative is run by Scottish Association for Mental Health and backed by the club. It was a great session and one I took a lot from personally – I’ve had my troubles in the past. Really good to connect with other Hibs fans in our environment talking about mental health, techniques and supporting one another. Fans are free to come in on drop-in sessions they run and there is a 12 week course they run too –
The Changing Room are now welcoming men looking to sign up for their next 12-week course, run from Easter Road Stadium. Step down from the stands into the heart of the club, with access to parts of the stadium you don't normally have the chance to see. More importantly, you'll be able to connect ...

Mental Health Awareness is something I’m passionate about, if I can help any one at any time just message. My focus for the next couple of weeks (outside work and Hibs) is to condition myself to cycle round Arthur Seat for 24hours starting on June 22nd to help continue raising awareness of the importance of good mental health– bit more detail here any Hibs fan with a bike fancy joining for a bit? Ken where I’ll be.

I’ve made a donation of £35 this month to Street Soccer Scotland for an event I attended on behalf of the club. Street Soccer Scotland welcome people from a variety of socially disadvantaged backgrounds, the aim is to create purpose, hope and relationships using football to support people on their journey to security and happiness. more can be found here

I’m available here (tag, PM), social media, face to face and direct messages. Gies a shout if something needs flagged and of course any time I can help – Hibs related or not.

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Great update K and good to see you last week at Hibs club. I have recently completed the 12 week Changing Room mental health course and would highly recommend it, if anyone wants more info on it just ask.

Many thanks for the donation to Street Soccer, really appreciate that.


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Great update K (no that I expected anything less). Like Robbie, great to blether after our performances at the Hibs Club. Keep it up!
Never heard that you would be performing at the Hibs Club or I would have gone along. Next stop Britains Got Talent? Butlins in Ayr?


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Never heard that you would be performing at the Hibs Club or I would have gone along. Next stop Britains Got Talent? Butlins in Ayr?

He was mair composed and mair interesting than me - to the point and with a healthy splash of humour. Skies the limit.
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