Purple & Green

Radge McRadge
Only Katie could manage a team called Hearts playing in maroon. I noticed his fawning adoration of the orcs in his departure. What a guy.


They might be Hibs, his family might be Hibs, he used to be Hibs... but he’s a Hun now, he loves their adulation.

I agree, but as a Dad I know how hard it is to bring up your kids to support your team. Reckon as an ex player he see's nowt wrong with showing affection for one club and being brought up supporting another.

Fucking Hun bastard that he is.


Legendary Radge
when he started his coaching academy years ago asked him if would consider doing a short session for the Scotland homeless World Cup team, declined


Not Just a Radge
It always has been and always will be about Katie and the advancement of Katie. I was about to say he would do a deal with the devil if it would help his career but he's already done that.

He would sell his kids (Hibs tops and all) if it could get him a bigger/better job.

Doc Shrink

Retired Radge
Thread starter
Dodgy in many ways..... as well as Bazza Fergus hun, did they not also employ Bob FTP Malcolm?

Seems to be Hun Haven there.
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