Just back and that was very, very decent


Well played Hibernian, I thoroughly enjoyed that, some lovely football, some excellent performances, three away goals and a clean sheet. Big G will be a few bob up too! Thanks Hibs.

I started the efty in a panic, my login to St Mirren TV wisnae working, and when I got it working the sound quality was poor and it hung ten minutes in to the game, not really acceptable when you are paying for it. Not to worry, Hibs made my day with a three nil thumping of the Saints. Some very good perfromaces, the back five continue to shine, Alex Gogic is a rock, Joe Newell had a fine game and its great to have Nisbett back, he is a player. The fat cheating goalie from Gorgie had a stinker which is nice and whilst St Mirren play neat and tidy football the heartbreaker Obika struggles up front on his own. I reckon most strikers will struggle the way Rocky, the two Paul's, Ryan and Josh are playing. Wee observation, wasn't it weird hearing airplane noise in the background, no heard that much since March, oh aye and we didn't miss Scottie Allan either?

Jack has the team playing like a well oiled machine, smooth, clever, accurate and hard as nails. What a difference two weeks make eh?

So to the team....old fashioned 4 4 2, but I like it.

Rocky had three good saves and has beeen first class this season.

Paul McGinn has been smashing since he signed for Hibs, he rarely puts a foot wrong and his ball for the opening goal was excellent. I barely give the fact Sir David Gray, captain and winning goal scorer in the 2016 Scottish Cup Final a second thought. I never thought I would ever type those words.

Ryan Porteous was fantastic today, he ie really maturing into a fine defender. I hope he is ok after taking a knocklast kick of the ball?

Paul Hanlon is like a new signing, the work he has put in over the pandemic period has rejuvenated him, he played very well today.

Josh Doig plays like has has been our starting left back for 10 years. As I said about Paul McGinn, who woul dahve tough we would not miss the magnificent Lewis 'got 2' Stevenson?

Alex Gogic is great to watch, hard, strong, clever and never stops. Great signing.

Joe Newell had his best game in a Hibs jersey today, scored a fine goal, set up another with a wonderful pass and generally done everything right all day.

Boyler looked a bit more like his old self, freat work to set up Joe's goal and a fine 'sheeder' past the jambo fud to ge this goal. He certainly enjoyed it!

Jamie Murphy drifted in and out of tehgame, but will get better with game time.

Doidgey had lots of knock ons and touches and I think one half chance. He enjoys playing a pair up front.

I love watching young kevin Nisbet, he is a player. He reminds me a bit of Keith Wright. He took his chance, scored his goal and his all round play was first class.

The Subs

First on was Jamie Gullan with 15 to go replacing Nisbet, which I felt was the right move. It wasn't enough time to make a big impression but I have great hope for Jamie, he looks decent.

Next was Wright for Murphy with 10 to go, I barely noticed Wright on the field.

A double change with five to go saw Mallan on for Newell and a debut for you Hibby Ryan Shanley who set up Diodge for a half chance and got stuck in. Nice to see the youngsters breaking through with Josh and Ryan established now and Jamie and Ryan pushing their way in to the squad and team.

The boss, I felt he got it wrong against the sheep shaggers, he certainly got it right today. The shape of the team was too strong for St Mirren and it was good on the eye, which is something most Hibs fans prefer to see. Nice.

St Mirren were not at the races and I enjoyed seeing the jambo cheat lose three goals. I do think the Saints will stay up, they are a good team, lacking support for their striker, the jambo boil lancer Obika. They should have had a penalty, which Gollum missed completely.

The referee was fine, didnae interfere but missed the Saints penalty as I said, but it was to Hibs advantage so he is forgiven. ;))

Man of the Match, well the whole team played well, which is great, for me those that stoof out were Rocky, who is a having a good season, Paul Hanlon and Ryan Porteous, solid, Alex Gogic and Kevin Nisbet. My man of the match however goes to Joe Newell who played very well, set the third goal up and scored a fine one himself, and was involved in much of our forward passing.

Next up is the dirty Huns next Sunday lunchtime, they are flying, we are flying. I hope we shoot them out of the sky and every shite they have is a hedgehog.

Well played Hibs!

Hibernian Forever!
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thanks 1875 for the just back, agree with your MOM, Joe Newell didnt put a foot wrong today . A very good performance from the whole team :50:

Westside Green

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I only saw from the last 5 minutes of the first half but it was the most enjoyable football i've seen this season.

Daddy 'O' Hibee

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Hibs had a solid shape today, the players looked very comfortable most part. Joe Newell is a good footballer and edged man of the match. Hibs are progressing very nicely without getting carried away. Gogic is a great addition. The first goal is a proper strikers goal, being there and getting something on it. Real test next week against a well drilled Hun team.


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Their defensive record is outstanding, but so is ours... We’ve still no conceded from open yet.
Fair point, delighted with where we're at, but we will need to be tuned in to beat Hunco. Could well be the challenge we need to really show what we've got.

Had open all mics on while I was watching ours today, celtic, despite their scoreline gave away loads of chances, they're definitely there for the taking If we go looking for it.


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We are a better team without Scott Allan in it at the moment. Good comfortable away win and good we are racking up some clean sheets early on. Tough couple weeks coming up now but hopefully come out with points from both games but to do that we need to keep with the 2 upfront against both of them.

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Didn’t see the game today so I appreciate the reports and feedback, seems a fair few liked their midfield player Erahon and reckon he could be the player we are missing in our midfield, plenty of energy, good passer of the ball and not scared to get stuck in, anyone see similar to this who seen the game?


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Didn’t see the game today so I appreciate the reports and feedback, seems a fair few liked their midfield player Erahon and reckon he could be the player we are missing in our midfield, plenty of energy, good passer of the ball and not scared to get stuck in, anyone see similar to this who seen the game?
None of their players where better than what we had on the park today.


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Fair enough, just mentioned what others said 👍
We played well today, still room for improvement but i thought the team looked more comfortable in their positions. St Mirren can moan about keepers, but the 3rd goal was about the only 1 that jambo fud had a chance with, i don't think many other keepers would have come out any better today.

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Good report and fine result. We deserved the win for sure but disagree that St Mirren werent at the races. If the referee had spotted Porteous stupid double punch and Boylers Hand of God effort we'd have been looking at 2-1. We got lucky there twice. Rocky made some great saves too, one from point blank. Main thing is 3 points in the bag but wont get carried away, unless we win the next 2 games. Table looks good tonight. Well done. Bring on the hun.


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Another very good away win. Four in a row now.

That's seven games played. Won 5, drawn 1 and lost one (to a penalty). Only three goals conceded so far...a 30 yard raker of a free-kick and two penalties. That's a very good start to the season in anyone's books.

Saw the goals on Sportscene, all well taken. Hope Ryan Porteous is alright.

Toughest game of the season next Sunday against a very good huns team. To be honest, we will need to produce a much better performance than we have done so far this season at Easter Road.


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Think I’ll head to keechback to read some seeth.

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Another great result, good battling performance, clean sheet. The Buddies certainly fought back. Still more to come, would love to bring Huns down to earth. Balance seemed better with 2 up front. Still room for Scottie Alan, think he needs to be sat 'in the hole'.

I'm actually watching the 2nd replay of the Heuchter Tuechter coverage, so things must be looking up, after watching breathtaking 4-3 Leeds v Liverpool(sorry admin if off thread!). It's just great to see the Hibees get a grip of the game and come out on top! I dunno what the Jambo keeper wis laughin at after the final whistle!
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