Just back and that was a masterclass in Hun skelping

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What a day, what a wonderful, wonderful day. Our bonnie boys smashed the Huns. I have a long and winding tale to tell, written whilst nursing a ‘slight’ hangover, but I am going to start this Just Back talking about a man who deserves a lot of credit for yesterday, our manager, Jack Ross. The first half served up by his Hibs team was as good as I have seen his version of Hibernian play. We harried, we chased, we won second balls, we won knock downs, we defended like heroes, we let them have all the possession and in Boyler, we have a Starman who turned the fuglies inside out and picked them off with pace and guile. Second half we soaked up the pressure and last ten we went at them again as the fans of Scotland’s shame drifted off into the night and the massed choir of Hibernian fans reminded them there was “One Steven Gerrard”, “Warburton is a fanny” and that they had “Let their club/ cult die”. Well done Jack, that was magnificent, a tactical masterclass as I said. Thank you, thank you.

So to what turned out to be a very long day, which started, as ever on our trips west, by meeting at Deer Park in Livingston to fill our bus, then on to Linlithgow to pick up the Lithgae Hibs boys, a superb bunch of folk enjoying their first Bounce tours. Our bus driver who knew every short cut in central Scotland, didnae know about the legendary speed bumps of Uphall, and nearly left half the undercarriage of the coach behind!

We flew past the London Road Bounce Bus on the way and were at the social club before it officially opened! It’s fair to say a good time was had by all at the club and we boarded at tooth hurty for Hampden, managing to lose the St Pats bus between our club and Hampden. Word is they initially ended up in a Rangers Car Park!!

Playing them brings both the best and worst out in me, I really genuinely hate everything about them. I spent the walk from the bus to the stadium through the strangely mixed fans telling all the Huns we met along the way how “They let their club die” and asking them if they had “Seen a handsome hun”? They looked bewildered as I did it, the look of the intolerant, sectarian scumbags that they are, and causing great hilarity in my wee group. Magic, and it was to get better.

Entering Hampden I noticed that the corporate seats in the south stand were generally empty and we moved up to them. As kick off approached, the wee corporate box doors opened, in one box, they was around 12 Huns, including one who looked incredibly like John Beaton (and who left at half time). As Zab, who I met for the first time yesterday, will confirm, I spent the first half in particular goading them, especially when we scored. By the third I was enjoying the Hun baiting so much, I ended up in beside them celebrating, they were befuddled, one calling me a 40 year old virgin, which I took as a compliment then retorted that wisnae what his wife said. Indeed, he missed the Hun goal arguing with me. Parking the hilarity of baiting them, you do have to question the authorities for selling corporate seats to opposition fans in the middle of the Hibs end? One daft hun even had a red, white and orange beanie hat on, when the rules always say no colours. What a laugh through, the ‘people’ dinnae like it up them.

So to the game and where do I begin? Well I will start with Josh Campbell, who has looked a player every time I have seen him play. He was superb yesterday, playing beyond his years. I will add JDH who got tore in, he too played like a titan and was overjoyed at the end, waving his country’s flag in delight. Then there was Chris Cadden who had a very good game, where he found the energy to get up and down the line, especially the last ten minutes, well that is what I want of a Hibs player. Matt Macey, holding every cross, Paul McGinn, steady as ever, looking for the right out ball, Porto imperious, Paul imperious beside him, Josh Doig up and down that line, Joe Newell working his socks off, and adding a touch of class, the recently much maligned Kevin Nisbet, who held the ball brilliantly for Boyler and ran himself into the ground for us. Finally, there was Boyler, who was frankly unplayable first half, he smashed it, he smashed them, and that is a man who has travelled over 35,000 les in the last month. I wish I had half his energy. Lewis and Daz bolstered the defence when we lost Josh Doig and Porto and it was a joy to see Christian Doidge re-join the fold, he got tore right in just when we needed it.

So, the team, a team of heroes……..

Matt Macey was superb, held everything and commanded his box.

Paul McGinn had a strong game and linked up very well with Chris Cadden. His sprint back in a race with one hun was superb, beating him hands down in a race for the ball.

Porto was imperious from kick off to post match interview, one mistake cost a goal and I reckon he had worked so hard he had to go off burst. Superb young man, the future captain of Hibernian and Scotland.

Paul Hanlon took and early booking but went on to have his best game in a Hibs jersey this season, he won everything and played like a captain. Brilliant Paul, brilliant.

Josh Doig got up and down that line all game, and the look on his face in the post-match celebrations told me how much he enjoyed that.

Chris Cadden had his best game in a Hibs jersey, his energy and skill really shone through, he too enjoyed that.

JDH had a great game, strong in the challenge, nothing scared him. Covered a lot of ground and worked brilliantly with Joe Newell to stop the Huns playing. His celebration at the end when he jumped into the Hibs fans to get a tricolour showed how much the young Irishman enjoyed that.

Joe Newell worked well with JDH, his passing was controlled and simple, he calmed things down whilst also getting up the pitch and supporting the attack.

Kevin Nisbet was a team player yesterday; his harrying of their defence gave Boyler the room he needed. I thought Kevin offered a lot and looked ecstatic at the end of the game.

Martin Boyle was unplayable first half, not since Ivan Sproule have I seen a Hibs player destroy the Huns like that. It was magical to watch and I bet he slept well last night. What a player Boyler is, they simply did not know what to do with him.

The Subs

Lewis replaced Josh Doig seamlessly. Caught for pace once, he made up for it every time after that.

Daz replaced a shattered Porto near the end and id what Daz does best, stopped them when he had too.

The loudest cheer for a sub was the introduction of Christian Doidge for Nissy with ten to go. He came on and made an immediate impact, he gave them hell, jumping into them at challenges and dragging us up the pitch to try and put a final nail in their 9 year old coffin.

The boss, I have said much of what I wanted to say about Jack at the top of this summary, he simply got his tactics, changes and play spot on. We battered them and helped destroy the daft idea he cannae win big games. He did, and with some aplomb. He too looked delighted at the end, he deserved to be.

The referee, well he wisnae your normal hun apologist, that is for sure. He wisnae great, interestingly at the game I thought he gave far more fouls to them, but in fact it was 8 compared to our 6, so in reflection he kept the game moving and helped us on our way to beating them.

The Huns. Well other than a couple of sectarian ditties chanted before we scored and a defiant Billy Boys when they scored, we put their gas at a peep. It was a weird sight as 35,000 huns turned up dressed like Dundee United fans, not the most flattering of colours on a 20 stone fan, especially as she was only about 18 year old! The wee group behind us in corporate will hate Hibs even more, mission accomplished. On field, we you boys took one hell of a tanking, we slapped your arse orange. There is nothing to fear from them, even more so when they took their two better players off in Aribo and Kamara? Thanks for that hunboys.

The Hibs fans in full voice are a joy to behold. The 10,500 or so that attended backed the team from start to finish and the songs were brilliant, I am still hoarse the next day. We shone in adversity and I had a fantastic day. It was great to be a Hibby again after a month or two of pretty poor stuff. I love the taste of Hun tears,, delicious.

Man of the Match is easy, Martin Boyle was simply unplayable and destroyed them. What a game, what a performance.

Next up is Ross County on Wednesday. Back down to earth with a thump, well I hope not. I mind the 1000 or so of us who traipsed up to Inversneckie a few days after we lost the League Cup Final to Ross County. WE won that evening and went on to win the Scottish Cup. I will be there; I hope to see a few of you up there. Hibs back on track, lets hunt the puddledrinkers down with our games in hand. I do worry that we may have a few injuries for midweek.

Finally, I would like to dedicate this Just Back to my Uncle David Ross (1936 to 2021). A Hibs man his whole life, he passed away during the week. David was one of my Hibs uncles and sat in the west stand at Easter Road with myself, my boys, my friends and his daughter Kate and her sons Thomas and Alex, who were with us yesterday to see Hibs win. He would have been looking down smiling.

Rest In Peace David, your memory marches on.

Hibernian Forever!
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south west hiby

Doonhamer Radge
RIP David.
A sat in shock at 3 up but a feckin happy shock.
The hun goal came from Macey for me....he hesitated ( no communication) Porto expecting him reacted late for me.
But who cares what a fabulous day that was....
Grand reading that report.


RIP David.

Great just back, I can indeed confirm there was much Hun goading taking place!

A magnificent performance from Hibernian, probably the best I’ve ever seen at Hampden. Can’t wait for the final but there’s some massive league games coming up, plenty to play for.


Legendary Radge
Great report. I was in the back row a block along from you and enjoyed watching you wind up the corporate Box. We had 2 hibs boxes behind us and they were the third one along. Don't think they enjoyed their afternoon.

What a day though. A boy at our stairs was dancing with the female steward like he was on strictly come dancing at the 3rd goal.


Legendary Radge
Can I also confirm the St Pat's bus did indeed turn up in the Hun end.I was all for getting off and torn in aboot them,others didnae fancy our chances.On the way back I did see one scuffed up Hun in Police Custody,had he been in the fight with his own kind or with some of us?Who knows but I was chuckling inside.

Ifield Hibee

Just A Radge
RIP David.

Well sitting in Glasgow Airport waiting on my flight back down to Gatwick and glory be there are a fair few Huns in both normal (if there’s such a thing for Huns) Blue tops and many more in the Orange tops.

None of them look very happy!! 😘

What can I say. Some day. Hibs were outstanding, every single one of them and to see the sheer joy on Jacks face at the end tells me everything I need to know.

The emotion at the end was overwhelming.

My slight disappointment is that me and the wife are off on holiday on Friday so I’m going to miss the opportunity in December to remind the filthy Huns about another occasion when we’ve pumped three past them at Hampden!

The match and result was magnificent and the day was made even more special for me thanks to 1875 and Jamie welcoming me and the wife to join the Bouncers at the social club in Glasgow and take us to Hampden. Thank you. It was great to meet you both.

I was also delighted to have opportunity to put faces to and say hello to a few other Bouncers, Brianmc and his daughter, Doc Shrink and had the absolute pleasure of sitting next to and chatting to Big G on the way to the stadium. Thank you all for your time, I am very happy to have met you. Sorry your 3-0 didnae come in.

Absolutely fantastic day and night celebrating in Glasgow.


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Mad Hibees Radge
RIP David.

Excellent report as always M, you always convey how hibbys feel and that's what makes it real (for me anyway)

Days like yesterday are when I miss home the most. Bounce Tours are the best way to attend ERW and I miss it.

Still got pished though!

Cheers, and happy Monday to you all!!!!


Hibernian, Hibernian Ra Ra Radge
Brilliant report on a brilliant game from a brilliant Hibs performance @1875. Condolences on the loss of your Uncle David.

@south west hiby I thought the same at first but the ball was there for Porto to clear so Macey did what I believe was the right thing until of course, the otherwise impressive Ryan made a complete James Hunt of it. It's not a day for recriminations though and Macey did what he hasn't done really since he came and that was commanded his box.
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