Just Back and Killie were professionally despatched


Well I am Just Back from my seat in the livingroom after witnessing another away win for Hibernian. Two evenly matched teams played out a decent game, good football first half, less so second but we seen our ball players ensure the points. I thought the inter play between Joe Newell, Stevie Mallan and Alex Gogic was very good, Joe is another good player isn't he? Paul Hanlon was immense at the back, Rocky made a key save when he had too. For me it was a penalty, the referee gave it immediately, he doesn't have the luxury of re-runs. Dikamona is a huddy, pity the big man looks badly hurt though. In Keven Nisbet we have a star, he scores goals, his movement is great and he is willing to work for the team, dropping back and working hard to win he ball back.

Some people on here and lots on the radio would suggest it was a poor game, I disagree, so does Jack, it was a tough fought game played by two good teams who closed each other down and got tore in. I enjoyed it and was a wreck the last five minutes, forgetting we raraely lose late goals nowadays with the excellent defensive mix of the two Pauls, Ryan, Josh, Lewis, Gogic and Rocky.

I notices Scottie on the Killie coverage drinking a hot drink and watching the the team warm up. I also noted Neilson was in the stand in his green mask and Hawrts Jaiket, he will be away hame shiting himself.

The Team

Rocky was first class, great save when it mattered and commanded his box well.

Paul McGinn simply plays well every week and never lets us down.

Ryan strolls through games against good attackers, Kabamba looks good, Ryan and Paul nullified him.

Paul Hanlon was Captain Fantastic today, one wee error, 90 minutes of excellence.

Lewis was doing fine until he got hurt.

Alex Gogic was in the wars today, he battled well. Power is a handful, it was a real battle.

Joe Newell was excellent for 80 minutes, brilliant. He vanished halfway through the second half for ten minutes, re-appeared refreshed and played like a Brazilinian in that yellow kit. Its the first time in a long time that we have witnessed Hibs passes from back to front as Joe and Stevie Mallan found each other all game. Nearly scored with a raker early doors and his mazy near the end nearly earned him another, he deserved a goal.

Stevie Mallan has his critics in the Hibs support. I thought he had his best all round game in his time at Hibs today, playing the Scott Allan role. He linked up the front and back, had a few chances and was unlucky with his late shot. I thought he and Joe Newell linked well together.

Martin Boyle had a rotten first half, nothing went right. Much better second half, however he is man marked most games nowadays, we need to switch him around more.

Chris Doidge played well today and got us the penalty. He does work very hard but he is back looking like he will never score. Lets hope he gets a hatrick next week.

I love Kevin Nisbet, he is a great signing, he covers every blade of grass, he is very clever, looks dangerous, and dispatched his penalty with aplomb. This laddie will go far, hopefully no for a good few years. Better than Shankland for me.

The Subs

Josh replaced Lewis at halftime, Lewis had turned his ankle. Josh stepped in as if he had never been away. He will be excited for next week, to be part of the battering of the team that released him.

Kyle Magennis replaced Nissie with 10 to go to shore us up. It worked.

Melker replaced Stevie M with 5 to go, again succesfully shoring us up with some excellent ballwork in the corner, wasting a full two minutes with Boyler and Joe, very intelligent 'game management'.


I think they like to play football, I like Chris Burke, a real pro, I like to listen to their boss Alex Dyer, kens his fitba and Kabamba is a player. Pity its all spoiled by that ugly hun bastard Kirk Clubfoot captaining them, and Dyer greeting like Levein post match tonight. I hope the big ex Jambo Dikamona isnae as badly hurt as it looked, I reckon his kneee is done although Alex Dyer has just said its his ankle or foot that is hurt.

The Referee was fine, tried to let the game flow. Decent refereeing seems to be breaking our a lot recently.

The Fans, well I had a savoury cheese, sweet piccalilli and boiled ham baguette and a mini pork pie for lunch, nae steak pie and traybake washed down with mooth scalding tomato and veg soup for me today. Life is tough the now for every one and thank Sauzee for tracky bottoms and elasticated waists!

Man of the Match, well as ever most weeks we have one or two stars, today was no different, I thought Paul Hanlon gave a defensive mastercall, fantastic work all game against the handful that is Kabamba. However for me, Joe Newell was simply magnificent, his passing forward, link play, footwork and all round technical skill and grace on a shitey pich, he even squeezed in two very good shots on target. Joe's best game in a Hibs jersey for me, and as a sidenote, I thought it was one of Stevie Mallan's best games for hibs too. So Joe Newell, well played son.

Next up is the noisy neighbours, the puddledinkers, the championship team with the bloodied stool coloured shits (sp?). I watched a few minutes of their game last night, they are fucking rotten, I turned it off, I found myself wanting Arbroath to win, and I cannae want any team in maroon to win. They will have Tom English and the MSM spunking out the David v Goliath shite, the hard done by and skint gunts v the big spending and financially well managed Hibernian sitting 3rd top of the top league in the country and the pub team sit third in their own wee league. Bring it on, bring on the Jambos!

Fuck the Hearts

Hibernian Forever!
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Hibee Kev

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Spot on assessment as usual Mark. Joe Newell just seems to improve with every game, pretty much every other player seemed to struggle with that pitch at some point. Not Joe Newell.

I think we go with that same team next week? Unless Murphy fully fit or Stevenson injured..


Hibernian, Hibernian Ra Ra Radge
Good report M. Newell is a find eh! If he had scored late on it would have been what he and the team deserved,
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Hibernian, Hibernian Ra Ra Radge
Thought the boyler was rank rotten. Fair enough he’s closely marked these days but should have the class to see through that.

Bloody hell, Osmo rears his ugly head. How are you doing mate.

Hibee Kev

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Thought the boyler was rank rotten. Fair enough he’s closely marked these days but should have the class to see through that.
He seems to have regressed a bit. His touch was heavy a few times today, and he’s missed a few one on ones already this season. Hopefully saving himself for the gunts 🤞🏻

Wheat Hound

Radgie, Gadgie, Onion Badgie Radge
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I agree re Mallan and thought he played well and linked well with Newell in particular, though he should have scored.

Think he could have played himself into contention for next week.

Our defence has never looked so solid. That's real testament to Ross/Potter and their coaching.


A message to you, radge
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We had by far the better chances, took a while to used to the pitch I thought.
If Hallberg had scored with his header after the sublime interplay between Boyle and the majestic Newell at the end, I may just have wet myself a bit.
Great 3 points against an in form team.

Daddy 'O' Hibee

The Hibee Radge
Gogic is the difference he's not a rolls Royce but he can't half break them up. Our defence has protection now, Joe Newell has settled and is very neat and skillful, man of the match for me. You need to get yourself into a position early in this league, Hibs have done that. Let's now see where we go, covid permitting. GGTTH


New radge
Great report as always @1875. I'm miles away with work at the moment and you do wonders keeping me up to date with a reliable assessment of our performances. Literally 500 miles away, but I'd crawl back over glass to watch us pump that Gorgie crowd of shite next week. Mon the Hibs!


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