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My point is other teams who are normally in the position we are in now have been shite which is lucky for us especially losing that many points at home.

If we won all of those games and positions would be the same as they are now then we would be top of the league with a game in hand.


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If you look back on most of our games we were lucky to scrape through some results more than often, our home record was diabolical, yes we’ve played well in other games and deserved our results but on a whole we have been lucky.
You create wins.It's not blackjack we're playing.


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Maybe just maybe, the players like being on the road? Maybe it's good crack on the bus and someone always selects bangin'tunes? I've been inside our dressing rooms, it's fairly shite to be honest. Maybe we need a psychologist and a change of decor and comfier seats?Or maybe we need a good kick up the arse?.

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Maybe just maybe, the players like being on the road? Maybe it's good crack on the bus and someone always selects bangin'tunes? I've been inside our dressing rooms, it's fairly shite to be honest. Maybe we need a psychologist and a change of decor and comfier seats?Or maybe we need a good kick up the arse?.
You might have a point there about being on the road. Maybe we’re just a bunch of Pikeys..Gypos eh Travellers.....sorry admin I am only joking.

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After that performance yesterday and the disappointment of losing another 3 points I was heading for the drinks cabinet,medicine chest and cutlery drawer for the sharp knife you know, the one used specifically for the carving of the Sunday roast and for sending die hard Jehovahs from your door.
Thankfully I’m giving up alcohol for Lent (call it divine intervention you unbelievers), my wife told me to F off cos she had a migraine and needed the paracetamol and said knife was festering in the dishwasher.
So all those factors and the fact that I still had a few games left on my season ticket contributed to me listening to the voice of reason ergo Sunday morning I’m still here and what a beautiful day it is by the way thanks God you’re no a bad lad effter aw.
So light of day coffee ☕️ and contemplation time.
Pish that was pure pish. Team selection on paper don’t think it was bad never looked at it and said WTF*** only criticism I would have had was including Doidge again but he is supposed to be a striker so...
Most folk have debated about the subs who and where they would deploy them. I was a bit surprised that Lewis was taken off because going forward he was getting some decent crosses in. Newell wasn’t his best but I would have kept him on he is Not soft as shite bring on Gogic and Nisbet to start with take off Murphy and Doidge and move Jackson further forward because imo he is more of an aerial threat than Doidge maybe given as many chances as Doidge a better goal scorer.
Anyway to sum it up we are another week closer to the end of the season we still have a game in hand and are still 4points clear of Aberdeen (only because they lost too). It’s not as bad as it seems nothing has really changed since Hamilton but it is still not good enough believe me I forked out my hard earned for a season ticket knowing that it was really to help the club (watching football on tv is not the same) I hope rather than expect to get more from the team but next season if I can afford it I’ll probably do the same. 💚


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We have to win next week

Motherwell had a game midweek and streamrolled us. St. Johnstone have a game midweek as well. That will be two games on the bounce we have a full week to get ready for the game whilst the others have a couple of days

I expect better in Perth. If we have a lead going into the split then 3rd is in the bag. Aberdeen have scored 1 goal in 9 games or something. Its there for the taking. No excuses.


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I used to get involved in the post defeat , hand wringing, hair pulling, foot stamping, ' tactics wiz shite', threads.
Stay quiet now though.
Because it's the same after every defeat.
It does nothing but raise blood pressures( some of which are most likely high under normal circumstances ) to dangerous levels.
People fall out unnecessarily. ( tactical differences).
The result doesnt change.( as it didnt change in the days of the post match punch up).
Hibs were dreadful in the first half. Not much better in the opening minutes of the 2nd half, but the last 35-40 minutes we were camped in Motherwells half, and had Doidge had the ability we would have got a draw......possibly even the 3 points. Undeserved it would have been, but possible.
How many chances have we converted from those we've created this season?
I'm sure the percentage must be quite low.
Two strikers in a squad of 20 (?)players is simply not enough.


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Hibs not at the races, Motherwell deserved the 3 points IMO. On that display I can’t see how they’re so far down the league. Cole up front looks a player- fast, strong skilful and can finish. Lamie did a good job protecting their defence and their goalie made a few cracking saves mostly against Doidge who couldn’t score in a barrel of fannies at the moment. I’ve always liked Doidge for his all-round game and his finishing has always been a bit iffy but he needs dropped. The problem is that that would then mean we’d hVe to play Nisbet as our target man and I don’t think that’s his game. With hindsight big Daz has been playing well and earned his start but playing him and Hanlon against quick mobile strikers like Cole and Watt was a mistake


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We're not suddenly a bad team after one bad display following 4 wins.

However, a common theme is that we don't deal well with adversity. If we don't score first, we lose.

Lack of leadership/conviction when the chips are down. We could still be playing now and not have scored.

Time to refresh again with McGinn, Murphy and Doidge dropping out for Porteous, Gogic & Nisbet from the start.

Ps. Magennis' isolation should be finished so wonder if he has been hit hard by covid? Hope he is ok.
Lets be honest, the team has not dealt well with pressure games. If Hibs go on to finish third then the players will put to bed any doubts over their mentality. Right now though I have pretty much accepted that they are going


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I just can't fathom Hibs at the moment. They just defy all logic.

We are currently sitting third in the league four points clear of Aberdeen. We have won 9 away matches which is way more than I can ever remember a Hibs team winning in a top flight season. I think only the Old Firm have scored more than us and our defensive record is also good compared to most. We can turn down a near 3 Million bid for a striker who can't even start a game now.

We then lose at home easily to Ross County and Livingston. We collapse in semi finals to Hearts and St Johnstone. We cuff Aberdeen 2-0 and it should have been more. We get humped at home by a Motherwell team who have been catastrophic in recent weeks.

How the hell can we not fix this mentality problem we have ? We lose the first goal and it's game over. Smaller clubs no matter how much they are toiling come to Easter Road and dominate us. I just can't understand it.

In the league, Ross has done well in his first full year. Crap teams are not sitting clear third in the league with two months left of the season. We are not a crap team. However we are an inconsistent team which has too many players who only play when they feel like it....who don't want to apply themselves properly every week. We cannot cope with adversity such as losing the first goal.

With regards to the manager he appears to be wanting to play one way only. He struggles to adapt when the game is going against us. It might just be down to personnel, but he does not seem to be able to influence a game in terms of tactics and substitutions. Our home form has been poor all season. Even in games we have won the vast majority we have looked unconvincing.

We had better improve our displays at Easter Road for next season, especially if we have crowds back in August or September. Ross will quickly find out how lonely and tough a job being Hibs manager can be when he has to face the unforgiving Hibs fans having to watch some of the stuff we have produced at home this season so far.
Spot on as ever, GM.

In other news, Nisbet needs to have a look at himself. I think he gets a far easier ride than Doidge around here, but Nisbet looked a) as shite as Doidge and b) a helluva lot more disinterested than Doidge.


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Spot on as ever, GM.

In other news, Nisbet needs to have a look at himself. I think he gets a far easier ride than Doidge around here, but Nisbet looked a) as shite as Doidge and b) a helluva lot more disinterested than Doidge.
He demanded a move away from Hibs on the last day of the transfer window. This after only six months in the door at a great club that have bent over backwards to help him through a tough bereavement and have given him a stage in the top flight of scottish football to showcase his ability.

I think that tells you all you need to know.


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The substitutions were very strange.

Doidge, McGinn and Murphy shouldn’t have seen the second half. Stevenson and Cadden were doing fine where they were, and moving Boyle wide took our primary goal threat away from the penalty box... bonkers.
👍Cadden was also a lot quieter on the left.


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That was garbage, we were well beaten by 'well. Once again Jack Ross is out thought and leaves it too late to fix it. I suggested yesterday that we needed Gogic in, instead we watched Newell and Irvine out muscled all first half, Jamie Murphy wake up for 15 minutes after half an hour and Christian Doidge continue to kid on he is a striker.

We started well enough, Cadden in particular looking decent. It didnae last long, Motherwell soon worked out Joe is no defensive midfielder, Paul McGinn is poor in a three, Murphy is a lazy player who hides and generally Hibs are a soft touch, especially without the toughness and cover from Gogic. We could all see that, Jack Ross couldn't and frankly he is as much to blame for that poor effort as any player.

Credit to Motherwell, a good team who play open attacking football and defend well, just like Hibs of the last couple of weeks. How they are so low down the league is beyond me, but then how we are so far up the league is beyond me too as that first half team was fucking rotten.

Hibs TV went down at half time, it then went down for me on 82 minutes and I missed Alexander getting sent off what happened?

The Team

Rocky, not to blame, Neither wonder he is not signing a new contract with that shower of shite in front of you.

Paul McGinn has been rotten for weeks. What happened? My guess, he disnae enjoy his back three position, although he did improve second half.

Daz had a real battle with Watt, not sure he won it?

Hanlon, well I thought he was poor at the second goal?

Newell was as poor as he has been this season, he is no Alex Gogic

Irvine done very little other than one wonder pass. His pairing with Newell didnae work against a good opposition midfield. He improved a bit when Gogic came on.

Cadden, I thought he played well and was one of few who got pass marks.

Stevenson is no Josh Doig and whilst he put some good balls in, I feel he slows the game down nowadays?

Murphy is a lazy bastard, 5 or 10 minutes effort is not acceptable.

Boyler never stopped trying as was the one Hibs player who looked like he wanted to win.

Doidge is hopeless. Those that say he does a lot of hidden work are right, its so well hidden, I never fucking see it. Misses too many chances, never scores, yet keeps our top scorer out of the team, should have been dropped weeks ago.


We go 2-0 down and Jack Ross wakes up and realises his team have been shite. We saw Nissy, Gogic and Porto all come on a few minutes into the second half. It did improve us but whilst that fucking huddy Doidge is playing we are not going to score are we?

Porto for Daz, Porto did fine.

Nissy for Murphy, well Murph needed taking off, not sure Kevin did much more but them look who you are playing beside.

Gogic for Lewis, which made us much more solid and freed up Joe Newell to make an arse of things further up the pitch.

Scottie came on late for Irvine with 10 to go and tried to change it, not sure 10 minutes is enough to perform a miracle?

Jack Ross

I never heard his interview. What excuse did he come up with?


I though they played very well, Cole is a player, Lamie stopped Boyler, and I wouldnae mind O'Donnell in reflection, he is a far better and cleverer player than McGinn. Thoroughly deserved their win, might have been more.

The Referee was fine, I had no problem with him.

Hibs TV, I like Cliff and was pleased he was back, Tam's heavy breathing and tuts and sighs are a great gauge of how HIbs are playing, Bastard Face and Super Tortolano were good too. The match cameraman and producer are pretty hopeless right enough.

Hibs man of the match, well that isnae easy, how about the ones that scored more than five out of ten which was Boyler, Cadden and Rocky from the starters and Porto and Gogic from the subs. Best of that lot was Martin Boyle, he gives a shit.

Next up we have three away games in a row, we are better on the road but will have to be as we are away to St Johnstone, Ross County and Livingston. I wouldnae be digging your passports out yet!

Hibernian Forever

Pretty much agree with all of that. Newell and Irvine don't work because neither of them could tackle a fish supper so one has to be dropped for Gogic otherwise we're soft as shite through the middle which Motherwell proved time after time. Out of the two, I'd drop Irvine because he isn't on a long-term contract and will probably piss off in the summer.

Murphy doesn't show enough and I would drop him for Nisbet and maybe put boyler on the left and Cadden on the right [or vice versa if Cadden can play left wing - I cannae remember right now.

You're right re Lewis. He is a legend and always will be but he's slower than a week in Saughton at making his mind up sometimes and isn't direct enough [now that we've seen Doig in the slot].

I get your gripe about Doidge but with Nisbet up there with him, we'll get more goals. Doidge misses his fair share, more than his share if truth be told but he'll make chances for Nisbet.

I'm not forgetting about Scotty and his magnificent hair I've just not thought about how he's is fitting in at the moment except as a sub but eventually, someone is getting dropped for him.
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