Just back and its another game of two halves


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I think he was really lucky to even score against Livi as his shot was still pretty bad 🤷‍♂️😂 Like you I hope it puts him on a run but the fact he didn't score from Boyles cross says otherwise to me

Don't remember many of his goals last season being any good either 🤣


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Keeper should certainly have saved Doidge's goal, but who cares it went in and that's all that matters.

Porteous just didn't see Sibbald coming in on his blind side and, to the Livi players credit, he gambled on Ryan being short with the header back. This was an example of a player who is used to playing on that surface knowing how the ball was going to bounce and anticipating well. Porteous should have been more aware though, and he has made quite a number of basic errors this season that have led to goals being conceded. As he gains more experience this should become less of a problem. He has too many other positive aspects to his game for it to deter him.
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