Jim Mclean has died


Just A Radge
I think he fell out with a lot of journalists towards the end; I think the pressure was intense on the legacy he created - Dundee United had a period of a decade when they never finished outside the top 4.

Edit: picked up the above from somewhere else - turns out it’s not true - they didn’t manage ten consecutive seasons, but they finished top 4 in 16 out of 17 seasons.

best hibs have ever managed is 7 seasons with FF. It gives some kind of context to just how good Dundee United were.
According to this article from the BBC Scottish football website it was 15 top 4 finishes out of 17 seasons and the other two seasons were 5th placed finishes, phenomenal consistency from what Maclean himself I think dubbed a 'corner shop team'

Former Dundee Utd boss McLean dies