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Seems to me there's a direct correlation between Daily Record putting it out there and the actual media days at HTC...

Doesn't mean anything though, St J could be the ones leaking stories to get offers from elsewhere.
He might've told them he wants to move on and they want more interest than Hibs.
Could be his agent
Best pal
Taxi driver

There's lots of factors and people involved in these things.

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And how does that tactic work if they don't go out? I'd hate to think there's no plan b in place
Well then they are in a better position to negotiate but they still know our position. Its a no lose situation putting your bid in before.
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I’m pretty sure he’s in the final year of his contract, so it’s the last chance St. Johnstone have of getting a half decent fee. If it’s clear he’s going to move on, makes sense for them to cash in after this Euro qualifier. Either that or they hang on to him knowing they won’t make anything on him.
And it would be outrage with justification. Poor stuff from us IMHO. Keep it quiet.
Sorry but I disagree. I hope that If this is the case, it is just another example of Hibernian ripping up the Queensberry Rules. Bare knuckle pugalism by Hibs is the way forward. I am all for Hibs, getting balls and being nasty, after years of bending over and taking it.

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