Jamie McCart - St Johnstone

October Goal: £70.00
Donations so far: £45.00


Top radge
Give it time...

Can't imagine Glass and Brown will have a great sales pitch.
Aberdeen struggling with money if some of last years reports are to be believed.

Not too worried, apart from the sheep shagging hun, who is a decent player.
we've got off with them poaching. Can't think of anyone else worthwhile?


Top radge
200k offer rejected apparently
Reckon we'll go back in, they'll have some money this year so they might be after a premium.

We'll see what kind of financial power we flex


Auld Enuff Tae Know Better This Radge
Thread starter
Hibs should stop pissing about and pay St Johnstone what they want, other clubs know he is our target and may nip in and hijack the deal like we did to Dundee United.

I disagree. It's important we're tough negotiators and get the best deal for the club. If we are there or thereabouts then yeah close the deal but we can't just give whatever they want. We've got a budget...
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