James McFadden released by 'Well


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What do we think; could he serve Hibs for a year, or is he too much of a crock? I know he played really 'well' againt us. Sorry no pun intended!!


Theres already a thread in SITK forum mate


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Motherwell have released him as he's on too much .

He still ended up back at Motherwell albeit with good intentions to help them push on, but is he still a target for English based clubs which is next step up outside OF on financial terms at least? If Hibs are serious about turning it around and putting some back into the team then I don't see this as out of our reach more a step in right direction.


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A distinct possibility IMO...if we avoid relegation

At 31 McFadden's best days are clearly behind him, but his overall quality, goalscoring ability and experience would be a huge asset for Hibs IMO if he could keep himself fit. Here would be a player to lead the line, someone who would be feared by opponents. He would also be a huge help to the likes of Cummings, Collins and Handling.

agree with all this... SIGN HIM (or someone of his ilk) UP.


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McFadden is a cracking player when he wants to be.
Leave him just behind a striker (a position Butcher uses) and let him do his thing.

Could have plenty to offer younger guys too.

I work with an Aberdeen fan who says Vernon is okay, not good enough for where Aberdeen want to be, but reckons he's good enough for us....

That's what other people think of our club :banger:

Hammi ,do not listen to any Aberdonian. Mostly ****s with the odd exception[very odd!]

& where they want to be will not be where they end up next season!


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Just been thinking about this today, still without a club. Stubbs should know him from his Everton days? Maybe he cud be tempted! Would be a lift for the fans!


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McFadden's a great player but too injury prone IMO...how many games did he actually play for Motherwell last season ?


McFadden's a great player but too injury prone IMO...how many games did he actually play for Motherwell last season ?

He played 30 games last season, 27 in the league. I'm not sure how many of those appearances were from the start.

I'd like to see him at Hibs - he's capable of a little bit of magic, something no one else in our current squad is.


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He had some decent games last season but can't say I'd lose much sleep over him not signing. Think his best days are behind him and as already pointed by others he is injury prone. No where near as good as O'Connor or Riordan when they were actually interested in playing football. McFadden always had the workrate which is admirable.

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I know someone who has friends in the Motherwell squad, and it's supposedly all done - if Stubbs wants him. I think it would have happened by now, though. His knees are knackered, though, again I'm told, he has considered quitting. A deal with a minimal basic with appearance money might work and that is what is being discussed - so I am told. Ho reliable - I have no idea, but I know he does have friends in the Motherwell team :dunno:


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Looks like he wants in honest professionals, if we had half of the commitment McFadden brings from most of that shower of shirkers last season we would not be in this position now.

Might not play every week or start most but will give his all when he is. You would think that with the connection to LD and AS we are in a strong position to get him and without breaking the bank.


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We have to cut our cloth in accordance with our new league status. A James McFadden at his peak would not remotely be in the frame for Hibs currently. He is however, past his best days but still an excellent and honest footballer, let alone a player good to watch. We've had little enough of the latter in a while.

Dodgy knees or not, he's exactly the kind of experience and quality that Hibs should be happy to enlist as things stand.

I'm in favour. Go and get him.


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A good player who, perhaps through injury, never quite achieved the promise he showed as a youth to become a great player.

I agree with those who recognise his solid professionalism. I think he had a wee discrepancy on tour with Scotland when he was very young and missed a flight home but otherwise he has always conducted himself well it appears.

He fits the profile that IMHO Hibs should be looking for: solid, experienced, creative. I think he might get better offers than Hibs.


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James McFadden Goals - YouTube

Poor quality video but some fantastic finishing against teams such as France, Arsenal and Ukraine. And another video on Youtube I dont want to see but it is him scoring a peach last season when well won 3-1 showing he still has it. About 1 min 45 seconds in nice to see him and Stubbs celebrating his goal ;-)

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Player assistant coach?
Naebody else seems tae want tae be number2

Might be a decent shout.

Ticks all the boxes....

No transfer fee.

Relatively well thought of.

Reaching the age that may want to step into coaching.

Can be 'McFudden' for the boo boys......

Picked a winner I reckon.
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