Jackson Irvine

I’d like to see us get him on a longer deal now ! at the moment we’re just putting him in the shop window,getting him fit,for another admirer to pinch him,get it done Jack ASAP


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I’d like to see us get him on a longer deal now ! at the moment we’re just putting him in the shop window,getting him fit,for another admirer to pinch him,get it done Jack ASAP
He looks a really good player , I am sure the management are in discussions with the board at hibs about what can be done . Let’s hope his injury yesterday nothing too bad .


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Didn't realise he was as good with through balls when signing him. Seeing improvement each game with him. I'm not sure if he'd be open to signing a 2/3 year deal with Hibs. Clinching Europe may play a part.


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This is a shop window for Irvine.
Short term deal suited both parties initially when he finally accepted that the better offers he expected last summer weren’t arriving.

Every game he plays for us he moves further out of reach. No harm trying mind.....

If Scottish cup isn’t completed then 3rd place becomes massive

“Due to the Europa League group stage spot reserved for the Europa Conference League title holder being vacant in 2021–22, it is expected that the Scottish Cup winners will enter the Europa League play-off round instead, thus guaranteeing at least a Europa Conference League group stage berth if the play-off tie was lost”

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Don't want another Agathe scenario if there's scope there to get a deal done I hope they are pursuing it.
I’m sure they are but as Col pointed out it’s pretty much up to Jackson (and his agent). I think Hibs probably already offered a decent deal but let’s face it if he continues to play like he has then the uglies will be sniffing around and will offer more than we can.

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Aussie players do not require a work visa to play in Asia as Australia is in that section for WC qualifiers
For that reason they can earn huge money in Japan , Korea or China .
Suspected that’s where Irvine would have gone after Hull didn’t renew his contract
However looks like he’s really enjoying it at Hibs so possibly he might stay as unlike many of his Aussie team mates he’s getting a guaranteed game every week so his focus may be on next World Cup and he’ll have to be playing to be selected
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In the unrealistic world of footballers his agent will be telling him that signing up with Hibs just now is a bad idea, wait till the summer. He could double or even triple what we can pay him elsewhere.

In the real world where there's a pandemic running amok around the globe its difficult to tell what's happening next week never mind next season!

Big/wee Ron said it was our ambition to double our wages spending and the Jackson Irvines of this world will be the caliber of players we'll be looking for.

I'm still not sure in my mind if the global crisis will affect players wages or clubs incomes so that we can afford JI now or will we still have to wait a few years for Ron's vision to become a reality.


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Internet Football Law #564 : all players regardless of anything can, and will, earn 2, 3 or 10 times their current salary, as soon as they leave Hibernian FC
To be fair JI was probably earning that before he came to Hibs and will be looking to reestablish himself at that level as soon as he can.

On transfermarkt he has a value of around £2m, his Hull colleagues averaged about the same. The average value of our squad is about a quarter of that.
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