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Should we have no control on immigration?
Even if you think the answer to that is yes, that fails to see what the mug and associated talk was all about. It was a performance to look tough on immigrants, and this always impacts on existing minority populations. But one of the things here is you aren't going to out tory the tories, all you do is legitimise the most extreme and bigoted forms of toryism, and as you do that the centre on that issue moves to the right and the whole performance starts again, but with minorities even more marginalised than they were before.
Despite their incompetence and corruption, the Tories are riding high in the opinion polls at the moment. But this is more a teflection of the pathetic opposition under Sir Keir Starmer.



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The Owen Jones etc of the hard left are desperate to see Labour lose this by election. They obviously need a Jeremy Corbyn for electoral success..... 🤐

What a mess. Two political parties in one party. The broad church of democratic socialist and social democrats of since 1900 has been shattered by idealism on the extreme left & right.


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Watching Sky news last night....they had totally written off Labour's chances of winning this by-election.


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Owen Jones is absolutely gutted. As are many others on the hard left. Starmer though needs to raise his game HUGELY. His leadership has thus far been pathetic. No passion and no vision.


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Definitely the Hancock carry on last week had an affect on the voters. Some who would likely have voted Tory have had enough and gave Labour the vote this time in protest. I'm far from convinced this result is any sort of gamechanger on a national scale. Starmer needs to up his game big time. He just doesn't connect with voters, particularly those in the northern areas which should be solid Labour. Scotland is a completely different matter. I know Burnham has been kind of ruled out as a challenger is he is Mayor of Manchester and out of the parliamentary Labour group, however naked ambition is what politicians are all about so don't be surprised if he/they find a way of getting him the top job. It's all about power, and if Labour come to the conclusion that Burnham has greater appeal and has a better chance of beating the Tories in 2024 then they will make it happen.
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Starmer recently sacked his entire Leaders office and replaced them with Blairites, who were all once employed by Blair.
Lord Mandelson is advising Starmer. The attacks and Stalinist Purge of the left continues, which is unsurprising.
Right wing Labour MP Neil Coyle is also calling for the expulsion of the left wing Jewish Voice for Labour whose members are predominantly older Jews.
The NEC has a slight right majority, so I expect this to pass tomorrow.
Starmer is truly a complete puppet of Mandelson and Blair.
As a supporter of both Socialist Appeal and an Affiliate member of Jewish Voice for Labour, I should be quaking in my boots. Sorry, Sir Keir I ain't.

Starmer, Shameless,Stalinist. The man with the broad smile for the cameras and MSM is indeed shameless in purging left Socialist on ludicrous, laughable charges to clear the path for a return to Blairite subservience to big Business and the British establishment.

Councillor threaten with expulsion for speaking at a rally organised to encourage members to stay IN the Party and not leave, which over 100,000 have done since the utterly hopeless Starmer took hold of the reins. Monty Python stuff.

Targeting Drakeford too apparently.



Only time I ever hear anything about the Labour party it's on here. Sad state of affairs but their many weaknesses have been fully exploited by opposition parties and they're now a lame duck whichever faction has control.

Hard to imagine any feasible way they might return to power with the current structure. Is it doomed to gradually sink into oblivion and if so, what will fill the void?


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Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru in talks over potential co-operation agreement in the Senedd.

There have been discussions between the Welsh Government and Plaid Cymru about an "ambitious co-operation agreement".

In a joint statement, they both said the pandemic, the climate emergency, the consequences of Brexit, and the threat to devolution, it’s “more important than ever that political parties work together”

It confirms that they have had “initial discussions” on working together “around a number of defined policy priorities”.

It added: "Constructive initial discussions have taken place between the Welsh Labour Government and Plaid Cymru exploring ways of building a more equal, just and democratic nation for all."

I assume the Welsh Labour Party will be thrown out Labour Party in the same way others have been including the Labour Councillors in Aberdeen for forming a coalition with the torys although I see they were allowed back in to the party last week.


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Labour abstaining on the pensions triple lock vote!!! Another chance to show the nasty party up for what they are avoided.

Looks like Sir Keir has taken up residence on Brother Jeremy's fence.


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Isn't the triple lock vote just to do with the fact that wages were so low last year (due to furlough) that this year's increase in wages of 8.5% or whatever it is is totally anomalous? Would be an absolute boot in the baws to be giving all pensioners an 8.5% increase whilst taking the £20 UC uplift off the poorest families, spanking the lower paid with proportionately higher NI impacts, nurses only getting 2.5% pay rise and while everyone is coping with rising food and fuel prices would it not? If I was going in to bat for any of those it wouldn't be the one off suspension of the wage increase element of triple lock. Obviously I'd ideally be going in to bat for all of the above but the 8.5% pension rise would be bottom of my list.
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