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Just A Radge
I used to be known on here as Gogs43, but couldnae remember what email I'd registered under back in the day so this is my new Bounce life.

Doctors found an inoperable tennis ball tumour on my pancreas after I collapsed at ER on 22nd December 2018. Other tumours had spread around my gut. Terminal Cancer - that's months at most? Turned out to be a rare cancer called a gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasm (Whit!). Palliative medicine stems the growth for a while, and who knows, I might even live long enough to see us win another trophy thanks to Macmillan Cancer who gave me a free personal trainer. I'm on the weights now and hope to get back to martial arts soon.Bear with weights.jpg

Be happier just to get back standing on my seat in row DD in Section43 as soon as possible like I have been since 2010. Hibs v Hearts East of Scotland Shield 1961 was my first game so sixty years next year and nae parole!! St Pat's Branch membership application pending and back on the Bounce to spraff the usual shite.

Glory! Glory!
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Just A Radge
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Nice to see ye back Gordon. Quite literally!!!
Cheers Mark.

I remember meeting the Quiet Man in the Hibs Club and asking him to sign above his portrait on my back. But Kano's pen wouldnae work on skin so I got Pat to sign on a piece of paper so it could be tattooed later. No idea what I did with that bit of paper. :-(

Lesley and I sometimes bump into Pat and Margaret in Perth, I must remember to ask for that autograph again. :cooly:


Just A Radge
Looking good Goggs
Mind meeting up with you for the filming of “Doors open” film with Stephen Fry etc
You sorted monies for the display at Hampden by supplying extras for the Hibs crowd scene if I remember correctly ?
Keep on keeping on mate !
Was a pleasure to meet you back then and look forward to our next meet 💚💚💚