I'm Backing Ryan

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Robert Barone

Well-Known Radge
I hope Ryan is aware of the strength of feeling and support he has. If anything I feel like last Sunday has united everyone 100% behind our players which can only be a good thing.

We have plenty motivation for the semi..we just need a fair and impartial referee next time.


HIBS should complain to the compliance officers about Lumstrad. No way can they ignore that after this.
RP’s appeal was already decided by the media etc before it was even supposedly looked at. Never stood a chance


Well-Known Radge
Had zero chance of being overturned but surely we have to be going after that hun now. It’s also a chance to see what this woods is all about.


Well-Known Radge
Shocking even with video footage they pretend they are blind. Neither player was in control of the ball and it was a fifty fifty challenge which Ryan won. His leg was not raised in the air and you are allowed to slide. Absolutely scandalous.

The compliance officer only seems to rear their head and take issue when a decision doesn't go in favour of the uglies. Unbelievably corrupt in this country.
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