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Superb. 100x better than the original, I've never really taken to that.

And, he looks like a young Gary O :grinning-smiley-045:
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I have the original 7" single by the Hibs Heroes on Duff Records. It was a Christmas present more than a few years ago. Pic will follow.

Think the original is still best.
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Came across this whilst emptying some boxes. Can't remember buying it. If any Bouncers want it for their Hibs memorabilia collection free of charge they can have it.
Looks in very good condition, but as I no longer have a record deck I don't know how it plays.PS.Its 12",.....The disc!


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I did enjoy that.
Never been able to decide if I was disappointed a Jambo sung that song or if its a stain on him.

He is a jambo eh? Or did someone lie... sure he got a pic on the voice doing his 5 1 stuff.
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