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A huge effort especially given the circumstances we're in at the moment. Hopeful that the July donation to the club will be announced tomorrow morning.
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I’d thought the 24k last month was higher than we’d get thereafter due to an increase in one off contributions.

This is tremendous and got to make a difference.

Might be boosted by the sale of the scarves BUT hopefully we can keep it at 30k a month.


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We are delighted to confirm that we have today donated a further sum of £30,265.07 to the Club which represents the donations that we have received from Members/donators in the month of July. This is a significant increase from the amount raised in June which was just over £24,000.

We are also delighted to report that since the Club Statement on 15th June we have seen the number of donators and rejoiners increase by over 1000.

We are all absolutely delighted with these figures and the response from Members and donators has been fantastic, bearing in mind the very difficult economic circumstances many in our community are facing. Our aim was to try to attract around 1500 new Members/donators, and now we are 2/3rds of the way there .

At the start of this initiative the rationale behind the idea of getting to 4000 donators was that from an annual financial point of view this could contribute around £400,000 to the Player budget for 2020/2021, which of course would be a huge help to Jack Ross for the forthcoming Season. This is a very difficult financial period for the Club but the Season starts on Saturday and we are all reminded of what this is all about. We want to give our Manager the best chance of getting us right up there and getting back into Europe. At the moment all donations received by us are being directed towards the Club for the Playing budget, and nothing else. We would like to thank every single supporter who has contributed to these numbers.

Once again an update from us would not be complete without a plea for help. Getting the next 500 new Supporters on board by the end of August is going to be challenging but with your help we know we can do it. Until 3pm tomorrow we have a fabulous prize up for grabs. Any supporter who joins by kick off tomorrow will have their name entered into a hat with one lucky winner being drawn at random. The prize for the winner AND THE SUPPORTER WHO REFERRED THEM is a Season Ticket for this year, or next if you prefer. We would love to get off to a flying start both on and off the park so supporters are encouraged to SpreadTheWord with fellow supporters and tell them about the help we are trying to give to our Manager.

Now is the chance to get your name in that hat.

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We are looking for users to donate to reach our shortfall of £100 per month to pay for the server, we realise that users may not be able to with this nasty virus, but if can, it would be very much appriecated ? We have had some cancellations on Direct Debits sadly. If you wish to set up a DD then please do so via the UPGRADES section. Stay Safe, The Bounce.
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