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On Saturday we play host to Kilmarnock in the opening game of the 2020-21 season.
We know thousands of you will be looking forward to tuning in to cheer on Jack Ross and the squad via our revamped Hibs TV packages.
It’ll be a new experience for many of you, so we want to try and make it as simple as possible for all concerned.
Season ticket holders will receive a log-in for ‘Hibs Pass’ – giving you access to live coverage of all our Scottish Premiership games at Easter Road, including those being screened on Sky Sports.
You will receive a second, different log-in for Hibs TV, so you can enjoy your exclusive behind-the-scenes content and archive footage and we will be in touch with that in the near future.
There’s still time to sign up for your season ticket and you can find out more about our range of packages, including the finance option, here.
Domestic Hibs TV subscribers will be able to enjoy live audio coverage from our commentary team of Cliff Pike and Tam McManus.
You’ll be able to watch the full match replay back at a time that suits and enjoy the rest of our Hibs TV content.
Sign up for a Hibs TV domestic subscription here.
International Hibs TV subscribers will now have access to every game in the Scottish Premiership thanks to our new partnership with QTV – in addition to the normal Hibs TV offerings.
Sign up for a Hibs TV international subscription here.
“How will I log in to watch games?”
Season ticket holders should head to www.hibspass.com – which will be your exclusive platform for live matchday coverage, so it’s worth bookmarking the page.
The log-in username will be first name-surname-season ticket reference number – for example, pat-stanton-12345 (all lower case).
The password will be the reference number – for example, 12345.
“Can I test this out in advance?”
We’ll be running sign-in testing sessions from 5pm to 8pm on Wednesday and Thursday so, if you can, it’s important that you give it a go so that we can identify and tackle any issues.
“Will my log-in details stay the same for every match?”
Yes, your details will remain the same throughout the season and cannot be changed, so make sure you keep them safe and private.
“Can I share my log-in details?”
No, please do not share your log-in details. Like a normal season ticket, it’s non-transferable. Passing it on to other could impact on your own ability to see the games.
“We have more than one season ticket holder under the one roof. Will we all get individual log-ins?”
Yes, individual log-ins will be issued to each season ticket holder, with your own individual reference.
“Can I access the live broadcast on more than one device at the same time?”
No, you can’t watch on more than one device at a time. If you sign into an additional device while logged in on another, you will automatically be logged out of the first device. Likewise, if you share your details and someone tries to login at the same time as you, it will end your live broadcast.
“What devices will this work on?”
Desktop computers and laptops with an up to date browser and JavaScript enabled. Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox are recommended although other browsers may work but are unsupported. For Apple iPads and iPhones, you must have iOS 11.3 or higher installed and you must use Safari to watch the game on Apple devices. The coverage will also work on most modern and up to date Android devices, including tablets, smartphones and most Smart TVs.
“Can I watch it as a TV channel?”
No, our coverage is not available through Freeview, cable or satellite TV channel in the UK or any other country.
“Can I screenshare the game to my Smart TV?”
Yes, you should be able to screenshare to compatible Smart TVs using an app such as Chromecast or Apple Airplay.
“I cannot see anything on my Smart TV?”
Most TV manufacturers develop their own browsers and a number may not compatible with mpeg dash, which is used for live streaming. It may be that your TV is not compatible. If you have a laptop, you could connect this to your TV via an HDMI cable.
“I can’t get the contact box or log-in box off the screen on my Smart TV?”
Please make the screen full size and the pop up will disappear. If this does not work, please log-in at half screen and then click on full screen.
“What devices are not supported?”
We do not support gaming consoles, including X-Boxes and Playstations.
“Does the strength of my internet connection make a difference?”
The quality of the live broadcast stream will be dependent on the bandwidth and speed of your internet connection. For the best possible experience we recommend using an internet speed of at least 5Mbps (please check with your internet provider). It can help to close other tabs, browsers, and programs while streaming your content. It may also help to hardwire your internet connection, instead of using a wireless network connection.
“How can I make sure I’m set up for streaming?”
Some corporate networks, firewalls and ad-blocking software may prevent the live broadcast from displaying. Please check with your network administrator. Disable any ad-blocking software and you may need to configure your anti-virus software. You must be using a browser that has JavaScript enabled (most have this as a default).
“I cannot get my casting to work?”
Are you casting via the same network or are you using 4G on one device and WIFI on the other? If so, you need to be on the same network. Please also check that you have the casting sign on your device. If you do not have this then you will not be able to cast to the other device.
“I’m getting ‘Invalid Credentials’ when I log-in .Why?”
Please enter the details manually as a copy and paste may add a space which will give Invalid Credentials.
“I’m getting an error code. What do I do next?”
Please clear your cache and cookies and log-in again. The video player may not have loaded correctly. If this does not resolve the issue, you may need to change to another browser.
“Can I use a VPN to stream the broadcast?”
No. Please ensure that you are not using a Virtual Private Network or proxies as this can cause the Live Broadcast stream to not function. Due to restrictions placed on the club by the relevant rights holders, your access is geo-blocked and only accessible work within the UK and Ireland. If you live outside of the UK & Ireland the best way to watch the games is to subscribe to the Hibs TV international package.
“When does your pre-match programme start?”
Our new pre-match show, hosted by experienced broadcaster David Tanner, starts half an hour before kick-off and we’d ask you to log in as early as you can to reduce the risk of overwhelming the server.
“I have a Hibs TV-related question. Where should I go for an answer?”
The best and quickest way to have any question answered is to email support@hibernianfc.co.uk, which takes you straight to the support team at our Hibs TV technical partner, Stream Digital. Any questions asked via our social media channels will be directed there so, to save time, it’s best to go to the address above.
“I haven’t been receiving emails from Hibernian.”
It’s important for us to be able to get in touch with you, so it’s worth taking the time to make sure the information we have for you is up to date and that you’ve allowed yourself to receive emails from the club. You can do that by following the instructions in this step-by-step guide. If you have no luck with that, please contact the Ticket Office team via tickets@hibernianfc.co.uk and they’ll do their best to get you up and running.

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