Hibernian v the Huns League Cup Semi Final Bounce Tour - Update 21st of November, the day of the battle

November Goal: £70.00
Donations so far: £30.00

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Fair to say, the bounce and St Pats are happy to coordinate a block booking. I was in the north upper for Scotland Israel, they are good seats.


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Hi All, we have been working away in the background, sorting out buses, pick up times, pick up points, the club and suchlike.

Before we announce final details, there are a couple of things we need you to be aware of.

1. Bus Payment - The Bounce disnae hold funds in reserve, we now need to pay the buses. I will be sending you a message on the bounce asking you to pay what is outstanding by Friday the 5th of November. We thought that fair to let everyone get their wages. Any changes to your group, please let us know as soon as possible, we have a waiting list for Leith and 10 or so spare seats from Deer Park/ Linlithgow. No hassle if you want to change you plans, just help us out and let us know please.

2. I have been working closely with the social club and the local council. We are delighted to say we have three busloads approved and food and drink will be available on the day for all at the ever reasonable prices. The local council have asked a couple of things of us and the club and we would like your cooperation. Again if you are not happy with this, we understand, and you are welcome to drop out.

a) The local council have asked that the club request notice of names and contact number before arrival, We are happy to collate that and will be in touch to collect those details. We will be looking for individuals full names and the group leads contact number or all numbers, whatever suits you.

b) The second is possibly more contentious, all guests going to the club will have to provide proof of vaccine by passport or letter, and this must be shown before entry to premises. The club have been told they may have a visit from the council on the day and that they should refuse entry to anyone who isn’t double vaccinated or has proof of exemption. Again we will pop you a note as we don't want peoples phone numbers all over the bounce.

It is the world we live in, sorry.

Feel free to add any comments on teh bus and club on this thread, however if your comments are around the merits or otherwise of the covid passports or council policy, please use the relevant threads on the Frenchmans Cowshed.

Jamie and my own job is to help our fellow Hibernian fans to get to Easter Road West safely, have a good day out, watch us pump the bigots and get you home happy. We cannae control officialdom, just do our best to minimise the hassle of it.

Hibernian Forever!


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2 of ours at Livingston cannot make the final, therefore I have 2 seats available and paid that can square me up on the day
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