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Hibernian sign Chris Mueller on a pre contract

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Ifield Hibee

Just A Radge
Saw the same on Facebook and someone saying he is coming to us and that we are trying to negotiate early release so he can join now.

Im not in the know at all just passing on what I read.



Top radge
That is a random rumour.

I think he'll need a few more caps to qualify for a permit though? 80% of international games required or some such?
December would be when he would arrive too with the way their season works.

Might be a little bit of something to it considering how out there it is to be fake.

Played in all star games, was an early draft pick and nominated for awards.
Interesting imo.
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Top radge

Just says they expect him in Europe, then further down says Scotland. He has signed a pre contract somewhere though.

I like how the article mentions Huns and Aberdeen have American owners when they meant us... How does this stuff make it out to print.

Edit.. link doesn't work because it has rangers in the thread.. bloody auto correct 😄 just Google hibs, it's the first article.


Aulder Than The Internet This Radge
Daily Record (yes...I know) says he is set to sign a pre-contract with Hibs.

The advantage of this guy will be that apparently he can play right across the front areas, main striker and both wide areas.

The disadvantage is that it's a pre-contract and he won't be here till the end of the year, unless we can negotiate an early release.

That's if the DR is to be believed of course.... :coffee1:
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Aulder Than The Internet This Radge
Looks like a proper Hibs player. That'll do for me!

Edit: not in reference to the above but ... look at the thighs on Chris Mueller!
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Radge McRadge of Radge End
From that video seems to have a bit of vision and some really good composure in front of goal. Sems to be quick and strong as well. If this is a good picture of the whole player, I am quietly confident.
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