Full Time: Hibernian 3 v 1 The Rangers 2012

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Just A Radge
@The Family
Closest thing to a save Macey had to make was his own shot off the post.
And he looked well ready to save it if he had to.
Not for me. He was partly to blame for their goal, gave me a heart attack at the pass back and also failed to claim the ball another two times when it was easier to come and grab it. He gives me the heebie jeebies I’m afraid.

Green juventine

Well-Known Radge
My workmate who is a hun in a cordial moment said may the best team win. Then asked me to give my prediction on the score. I paused for a second and in a moment of green coloured specs a voice from somewhere deep inside blurted out 2 nil Hibs what about you?
3-1 he replied.
To who the voice from within said, I couldn’t stop it,it was like I was possessed!
He gave a snide Gerrardesqe smirk and said Eh Rangers of course.
Well ya conceited blue nose ye were right about the score line but you just got it earse for elbow.
I can’t wait for Monday. 😂💚🖕


Well-Known Radge
This! Off the pitch the manager picks the right eleven, sets them up properly tactically with a game plan and on the pitch 100% commitment, desire and passion. Eleven players that leave nothing on the pitch. Being brave and expressing themselves. Do that then we've got a chance. And fuck the clarty dirty bigoted *&*^.
Turned out , good advice Smurf , spot on 👍👏
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