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Full Time: Hibernian 3 v 0 Santa Coloma

July Goal: £100.00
Donations so far: £60.00


Well European football returns to Easter Road tomorrow night and benvinguts a Edimburg, Santa Coloma. I know nothing of them but do not expect any kind of pushovers, they will give us a game. 4700 fans will be there, as crowds ramp up and I cannot wait. I plan to have a few pre match pints with my mate, two sons and nephew in the warm summer son, and as I am training it there and home, my Just Back will be late, sorry. I also apologise for the late pre match thread, I am hellish busy at work, am spending far to much time rewiring my Vespa scooters and I am hooked on designated survivor!

Team wise, the team almost picks itself, however I am going with the following:

Macey, who has played well.

McGinn, as it is now tradition for a McGinn to start every Hibs game.

Porto, who has looked very good in the pre season games.

Captain Paul, nae daft mistakes please Paul, you are very good other wise, and do a lot of work for charidee.

Josh Doig, who is even better live than he is on TV.

I expect Joe Newell to play the Gogic role, he has been very good pre season.

The surprise in the pack is I expect Magennis to start beside him.

The return of the wonderful Scottie Allan will make up the third of the three midfielders.

I expect Boyler on one wing and the impressive Mackay on the other with Nissy as the single striker.

What is your thoughts?

Hibernian Forever!


Top radge
I can't wait to get back, really looking forward to tomorrow.

I think you're right about the line up, we don't need Gogic against this lot, at least I hope not.
Would've liked to see JDH, but Magennis has a lot to prove himself.
Can't wait to see Boyle Nisbet and MacKay.
Scott sliding the 3 of them in all night.

Hibees Forever!


radge grandad radge
Watched their game last week and they tend tae play oot fae the keeper a lot. Took a few chances against the Gibs. Hope Boyle and Nissy can take advantage.


Legendary Radge
I'd go along with the team 18.. picked. Liked the look of Mackay. Hope 1875 uses the '-' in his just backs. Thinking Hibs have scored 21 goals gets my hopes up.


Legendary Radge
Mcginn, Porto, Hanlon, Stevenson
Newell, Magennis
Boyler, Allan, Mackay

It seems a bit early for Doig after his bout of covid but its not as if there isn't a perfectly suitable replacement waiting in the wings.✅

4-2-3-1 looks like how we have set up pre season which might be a shape that gets more out of Magennis and give him the opportunity to show that he is the player that we all want him to be.

Like a lot of us it will be my first Hibs game in 17 months plus of course the usual pre match ritual 🍺 that is every bit important and both will be emotional for different reasons.😥

Its an easy call for the Andorran team to park the bus and put everyone behind the ball but there should a world of difference between the two sides and I fully expect a convincing win and a clean sheet.
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A message to you, radge
Unable to attend tonight, on the Isle of Bute this week. ☀️☀️☀️
I'm not sure who is all available, but M's or Slov's predicated lines up will not be far of the mark.
Hope everyone enjoys their 1st proper game at the Holy Ground.
I'll go for a Big G special. 3-0 Hibs.

vasco de gama

Well-Known Radge
Pretty remarkable that your starting 11 contains no new signings. Used to be first game of the season heralded 3 or 4 new Hibbies every year.

Edit: Mckay is new so 1 new signing but stil way less than we used to see. Not saying it’s necessarily a bad thing as often it was 3 or 4 dud journeymen


I expect there to be a gulf in quality, but that will be narrowed due to the fact they are 15 games into their season so will have much more match fitness than us. For that reason my team would be:
McGinn Porteous Hanlon Stevenson
Gogic Newell
Bradley Allan Boyle

I think we’ll need plenty energy to press them. Mackay and Magennis could be important off the bench to freshen things up.
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