Full Time: Hibernian 2 v 2 Celtc


Ahh, the real fitba is back.....on the bleedin telly. Hibernian, founded in 1875, the Originals. Celtc, created by theft and skullduggery in 1888, the sloppiest of sloppy seconds.

After the high then the lows of Super John and Scotland, we welcome Neil Lennon's Lesser Greens to Easter Road, at 3pm on a Saturday efty live on Hibs TV. No doubt Thellick have wangled their Covid linked players back into the squad, no idea to be honest. They can be decent when they get going, they are also prone to a gaff or two. The could over run us in midfield if we set up wrong, and we have to get that first goal, but I see these games as a free hit, lets give them a boot in the balls then.

Hibs, well as ever I have not see Jack and random player's interviews yet, but our internationals are back and I understand Lewis is still injured and Scotty continues his recovery? With that in mind, here is a my suggested team....

Rocky, of course.

Paul McGInn, also of course

Porto back beside him and

Paul Hanlon making a three.

Boyler right, get your finger out Martin son

Joe and Alex in the middle, one stopping, one passing forward and stopping where he can

Murph on the left, I want to see more, just like Boyler. Much more.

I would like to see Steve Mallan in the Allan role

Up front is Nissie and a return of Doidge? Get goals guys, its imperative, its how we can beat them.

Set up for me is 1 3 5 2

All the info https://www.hibernianfc.co.uk/


Hibernian Forever!


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I'd prefer a 4-5-1





We can't play with a 4 in midfield as we will get pounded.


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Not overly optimistic about this one. Yeah we've beaten the "wee teams" but I don't have the same feeling about Hibs that I did under McLeish, Mowbray or even Lennon where we'd more than match most teams we play and win. It's clear the balance of the team still isn't quite right. Obviously a couple of players are still maybe lacking match fitness. We are long overdue a win against that manky lot. There should be no team coming to Easter Road thinking they're walking away easily with 3 points. I really hope we can do something tomorrow...
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As an aside, I was just thinking how before he came to Hibs I really disliked Lennon.
Thought he was a bit of an arrogant prick.
But I confess, he grew on me as Hibs boss and I actually quite liked him. Now, when I see his interviews, I’ve resorted to my original view of him. He’s very dislikeable.
Funny old game.


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Another big game and cant see our midfeild being anywhere near good enough to cope with players such as Rogic and McGregor. Hopefully they play that huddy duffy and we put Boyle on them and I'd keep Murphy on as I'd expect he'll be 'up for it'.
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Celtic are under massive pressure to win this game. They have fallen behind the huns and they look unsettled. Lennon has to get them winning again soon. This makes our task even more difficult than it was already.

As ever against Celtic we have to at all costs avoid losing any early goals. That's exactly what they want and what they will be going for. When they get ahead in any game it gives them the platform to sit in, dictate the game, and pick off the opposition especially in the latter stages. We have to score first to have a chance of a positive result.

Hibs owe the fans a decent performance, and our league record at home against Celtic in recent seasons isn't too bad.

Our semi-final against Hearts should have been won and but for a MOTM performance from Craig Gordon and a missed penalty it would have been. By all accounts we were very poor against Aberdeen but that could be partly down to the hangover from the derby defeat. It was yet another game when early goals were conceded (gifted to the opposition in this case) which gave us a mountain to climb. We just cannot afford to do that against Celtic.

A draw would be a very good result, i'm going for a draw here. 1-1.
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I go in to this game expecting the worst, but hoping for the best. Draw or a win and I’m delighted. Get pumped.... Meh, to be expected. They generally have 11 better players on the field than we do. Money and finance, that’s all it is.
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