Full Time: Hibernian 2 v 1 Kimarnock


Bounce Radge
Full backs need to do better in future games or we will concede goals, players getting balls in to easy. Porteous looks injured or playing through it.


Bounce Radge
Delighted with the win but on that showing that Hibs team will be doing nothing again this season

Gogic was good but a disappointing start for Wright and Nisbet


Bounce Radge
Good to win the opening game, but Hibs were very disappointing. Thought Killie deserved a draw at least. Standard of the game was poor throughout. With the exception of Porteous, Boyle and possibly Newall I don't think anyone in green and white could be happy with their performances today. Kevin Nisbet looked very rusty, badly in need of games. Gogic did ok, but we struggled throughout to keep decent possession and we provided next to nothing for our strikers.

Really hope we are not going to see Hibs playing so deep in the majority of games this season.

The Family

Capital Radge
Bounce Radge
Great to get off to a winning start, Gogic left exposed and doing the work of 3 players which needs to be looked at. Disappointed that we didn’t control the game, I know it’s the first game but Alan & Newell seem to struggle together. Defending needs addressing too.

Hopefully JR & Co will address our weaknesses, we move onto our next game.

Green tinted specs

Bounce Radge
That second half was tough to watch. Still, we hung on without creating anything of note. Allowed Killie far to much time and space , although Rocky really never had anything to do. New guys will need time to settle in properly. We need to use the ball a lot better. Overall happy with the 3 points. Now all we need is for Scottish football to go into lockdown due to covid tonight and we are champions. 😁😁


Bounce Radge
3 points is 3 points. The game confirmed what we all already knew, decent going forward probably improve with doidge doing the hold up work for Nesbit, midfield ok but still a bit unbalanced and defence at times all over the place especially from crosses. It’s clear to see for all so will hopefully be addressed quickly instead of 2 months down the line of the transfer window when first round of games have already been


Bounce Radge
Listened on the wireless while cleaning out the garage. Sounds like we do really need Docherty or someone of that ilk to add a bit of creativity. Sounded like Scotty Allan has still lost a bit of his mojo and an injury to Porto this early has to be a concern.

Does anyone know what the Gunts' score was? Oh, hold on...
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