Full Time: Hibernian 1 v 0 Dundee


Here we go again, 3pm on a late november Saturday, a game 5000 might toddle along to, we have to pay to watch on the telly. I will, its what I do, Hibs. Many others won't. Talk o the steamie is our Leeann moving on, she did some great things in getting us back to where we should be but pissed us off with her blindness to certain things, often of the blue hue where cash was more important than sectarianism, or around fans loyalty, wher backing you team home and away, through thick in thin, spending small fortunes on polyester replicas meant less than Paddy Bigwallet coming along and buying some shares. I wish her and her family nothing but the best and she goes with my thanks, you played a major part in the rise of our beautiful pheonix. Turn up at the Huns or Diets, she can get tae.

Team, well no had the time to see if Jack and token player have spoke, so I expect some changes to come for those of us who watch?

Possible rest for Rocky, so a start for Barnes

A back three for McGinn, Porto and Daz, although are they all right footers?

David Gray, Captain, our Captain on the right

Smackie on the left

Alex the Cypriot in the middle

Joe beside him

Murph, properly improving every game and becoming a key player more in the middle

Doidge returning

Nissie, we have to.

So a wee bit different, any thoughts?

You can buy the game here....noting Cliff is Christmas shopping and Tanner will be watching the Huns on dodgy stream pronouncing the new clubs names as Seevco 2012, the Dorty Hoons and the Toady Berrs....

Hibernian Forever!

Purple & Green

Radge McRadge
I wonder if he might play Josh Doig in Paul Hanlon's position ?

Any time I ever seen Doig playing in the Development team he was always left side central defence and he looked very good there as well.

We need to be trying those kind of things, but I expect we will go with our strongest team, and win comfortably. I hope we might look to get some of the younger lads some game time if the result is tied up early.


No likely to see it but would love us to go 343:
McGinn McGregor Doig
Hallberg Gogic Newell Mackie
Boyle Nisbet Murphy


Well-Known Radge
Paid the £13 but no enjoying ”virtual” football at all.

I have watched most Hibs games this season but find it difficult not to get distracted.

Not sure I will renew for a virtual ST next year.


Well-Known Radge
Do I need to register a new account to buy this match? The article says something about not logging in via Hibspass as usual. I thought I'd bought a cup game previously but can't think what it would have been.