Full Time: Hibernian 0 v 2 Ross County

Robert Barone

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We seem to be trending downwards, form and results wise. Injuries and suspensions were always going to stretch an already fragile squad to breaking point. Disappointed in the senior pros of late tho..too many just not performing.

We cannot solve the problems of teams sitting outside their own box and hitting us on the break at ER. Im not sure how we solve it tbh with the current personnel..we usually at least create half a dozen good chances and take at least one but tonight was a real low.

Away to do the dishes which will probably be more stimulating than the last 90 mins.


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My fears for this game unfortunately came to pass.

Our home form is terrible, and if anything is going to cost us a European spot it's that.

We are coached to play on the counter-attack away from home. We don't know what to do when we have to make the play at home. In addition, defensively we always look much more likely to lose goals at home. Ross i'm afraid seems to be all over the place in our home games when it comes to setting up a team and motivating it properly. The players concentration seems to go too easily as well.

We were up against a manager who knew our weaknesses and his team exploited it to the full.

By far the worst result and worst performance of the season.
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Not overly convinced this Hibs team have it in them to go beyond 4th and this will be slipping away soon if we aren't careful. Some of these players just aren't good enough unfortunately. We need Jamie Murphy back ASAP. The strikers at the moment are not performing amongst a few others and they have no real competition for a place. The likes of Drey Wright is a waste of a jersey, I really struggle to see what he brings to the team.

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Shite,boring,embarrassing pick any one of those words 1875 post it on your “Just back...” and save yourself the effort pal.
I could but I’ll expand a little. That was a one dimensional game devoid of ideas either on or even worse which is possibly more worrying off the pitch.
We do have players in Boyle Nisbet and dare I say it supposedly Wright who can pass and take on players with the ball on the ground but all I saw tonight was crosses into the box. Even when the subs were made Stevenson I understand Gullan I thought nice one cos Wright was honking but the play didn’t change still crosses which were easily dealt with. Don’t know how many corners we had but there wasn’t even one taken short so predictable a team and manager short of ideas.
Ollie Shaws goal was a gift.


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Alex Miller called it correctly before kick off. Ross County would have the extra midfielder. Yogi did one on Ross tonight.

I was listening to tributes and plaudits paid to Jim McLean this week. He changed tactics several times throughout a game. Sometimes within 5 mins. Jack Ross appears to have an inability to do so.

Alex Miller was not someone I was ever a huge fan off (though he gave us a superb side 1991-1995) but tactically he correctly suggested Jack Ross needs to reflect on his tactics tonight....

Doidge needs three clear chances to get a goal. I'd offload him this coming window. Drey Wright is awful. Punt him. Hanlon is a legend. However, he's costing us too many goals.

And Doig off for what reason?