Full Time: Hibernian 0 v 2 Ross County

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Shocking performance, not scored in 5 games but put two past us, so unpredictable and maybe people will realise we are not 3rd force team/squad.


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Shaw scores, just sums it up. Not sure I can watch any more..... Sickening thing is, County are playing better football than us. I don't think Wright was the worst player for us either. Steven McGinn crazy booking.
Can just see it now, Just Back and that wis utter pish, Hibs.....
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Utterly shambolic defending from Paul Hanlon. For an experienced defender, never mind a captain, to get done like that is embarrassing.

Robert Barone

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Fuck sake...one of the worst home performances Ive seen from us for a long time...if anything we've been worse second half. Ross County so comfortable and we just hit long balls into the corners like a prototype Cambridge Utd of the 80s. We are absolutely pish at problem solving in games...there are no players available to bring on who can make a real difference and when we do make changes ive absolutely no idea what we're trying to do.


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Kidding ourselves on a think lack of quality in our team is evident .
Not good enough paul hanlon again soft as fuck !


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This season is quickly turning from "challenge for 3rd" to "try to hold onto 4th". Desperate stuff. Few new signings needed in January