Full Time: Hibernian 0 v 1 St Johnstone

Sept Goal: £70.00
Donations so far: £26.37


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Half an hour gone1 down to a side with 7 changes, have not threatened their goal once, what’s going on? Bench looks weak as well.


Top radge
That was worse than his customary blunder. Id get my arse kicked by everyone I played with if I did that. And rightly so. Pish of the highest order.

Agreed, one thing to make a mistake or take your eye off the ball, but to look up, and do that 🤷‍♂️

He can forget about QPR and the likes with that going on.


Well-Known Radge
Looks like we are back in this again - we were okish till Beckenbauer raised his head, then we struggled to get the ball for about 15... Some good possession and chances, well chance.
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