Happy Seven Nil anniversary and Happy New Year Bouncers

Green juventine

Well-Known Radge
Happy New Year people here’s to the return of football fans,shaking hands,football chants ,insulting refs ,eating overpriced tasteless fast food,dodgy P.A,games under floodlights,games in the sun games in the rain any games.Seagulls stealing yer soggy chips,missing winning the happy Hibee by one number,the occasional whaft of ghanga ,red cards yellow cards shite refereeing. Drinks in a crowded pub before the game drinks after the game,here’s to queuing three deep,talking to complete strangers about how brilliant the winner was, singing more songs ,joining in with Sunshine on Leith belting out that dodgy PA never been played since that twat Heckingbottom joined.
Here’s to us Big Ron and his regime Hibs fans season ticket holders to armchair fans and to those who are no longer with us but most of all here’s to the club Hibernian football club the club we love because when we’re gone ?The Hibs go marching on??
Happy new year ?.
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