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Legendary Radge
No, no sexual content really meant. 'Bummer' just a saying being used since the 60's as in usually 'bum note' or something similar. To be honest I can't be bothered looking up wiki to find out as a fairly innocous saying is being changed into something it's not.

tayside hibee

Well-Known Radge
He has never really got going, showed in glimpses some decent stuff, but has never seemed to grab his chances with any gusto.No doubt he will be out for a couple of months , take a month or two to fit back in, then play
like a demon the last 10 games and get himself another club. 🧐


Top radge
I thought he'd leave tbf.
But I thought that last season too.

Always handy when we needed him though, not a bad player, just not first team material.
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