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Radge McRadge
I see it now.

I'm open to how we structure, I think titles are pretty irrelevant when compared to functions and roles.

I'm not even averse to Ron bringing in family on the face of it, if they have the skill set to do the role.

In this case though, on the face of it, or one interpretation could be, we parted company with a head of recruitment who performed to a high level for 7 years. We seemingly replace him with an individual with no experience of the European let alone Scottish market, with said individual being based in Charleston. Maybe he was going to relocate, maybe it's just an incredible co-incidence that he's based in Charleston where we have a link to a club.

The problem is, fans generally don't care while we are winning, but want to scrutinize every little part of the club when we are getting scudded 3-0 at home by Dundee United.


Aulder Than The Internet This Radge
Pretty weird sequence of events online...
What's happened ?...I don't use Twitter or anything like that.

Take it Ian Gordon is no longer Head of Recruitment as he appeared to be a week ago ? He does seem to have disappeared off the Club Directory list. Does seem a bit odd.

Mind you, our recruitment over the last week has been awful, he had to go :lookaround:


Top radge
Aye thats what I was meaning, a replacement for Scott plus Mueller.

But I dont think there will be major business, I think most of it will be targeted for the summer.

I'd like to see business though, certainly wouldn't turn down the chance to see a bigger squad.

Doing a Moaty.

I've changed my mind.
We need a raft of changes, we need need shake this squad of players up.
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