Government announces limited crowds back in stadiums

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Radge McRadge
Sports stadia can have limited spectators from 14 September
Ms Sturgeon says she hopes further changes will be possible from Monday 14 September, and full details are available on the Scottish government website.
The first minister says she hopes that from that day:
  • Sports stadia will be able to reopen for limited numbers of spectators, with physical distancing in place.
  • Some professional sports events may be arranged for spectators before then – with Scottish government agreement
  • Indoor sports courts for some activities can re-open, with physical distancing in place. Indoor classes for children will be considered from an earlier date.
  • Indoor soft play facilities will also reopen.
  • Gyms and swimming pools can reopen
  • Entertainment sites and cultural venues such as theatres and live music venues can reopen, with physical distancing in place.
The first minister adds that although she understands the desire to see gyms and swimming pools reopen earlier, the latest clinical advice is that those environments “pose a particular risk and require a cautious approach”.
The decision will be reviewed again in three weeks, with the possibility the move may be accelerated to the end of August.
She acknowledges the cultural sector will also be disappointed, and that the government is increasing the Performing Arts Venue Relief Fund from £10m to £12.5m to provide further support.
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Radge McRadge
I guess that means two seats gaps between groups - maybe empty rows. How do you enforce social distancing at entry, exit, food, toilets?

And how do you safely leave your seat early? Not that I ever do, obviously.

I think it might start at 1/3 and work its way up to 1/2. I can't see it getting further than that without easing of restrictions.

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Radge McRadge
It will also probably kill away supports at a number of grounds, ourselves, Rangers and Smellies....

No problem getting tickets for Hamilton or St Johnstone or Killie away.


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As has been said already it's the getting in and out the stadium, the queues for catering, the gatherings in the concourse areas, and most of all the toilets which are going to cause the most problems.


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Doubt it. You don't have to wear a face covering outside at the moment.
This is from the Hootsmon in May, first Google hit I found that was relevant. I don't think this particular bit of the guidance has been changed for outside.

Members of the public have also been urged to wear a face covering, such as a scarf or homemade mask, in busy places where maintaining social distancing is difficult.


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Bounce Radge
German teams pretty advanced in their planning for this and main focus is on the safe arrival and exiting of stadiums and surrounds.

40% capacity approx, no alcohol sales, standing sections closed, massive increase in spaces for bicycles, previous mass reliance on public transport will need to change.

Trains and Trams are normally rammed with majority of their stadiums outside the centre.
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Bounce Radge
Germany were aiming for 40% capacity stadiums and have seen other projections at 33%.🤔

If we have 10,600 seasons ticket holders for a 21,000 capacity stadium then I don't like the look of these %'s.

Good to get the vast majority of supporters back though and wouldn't expect much in the way of away fans being allowed which given our first game could be against "Scotlands Shame 2012" then every cloud has a silver lining.🙏🏼😉
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