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Broon set to join him apparently. Be interesting to see how much sway he has with referees when he's not playing for the Smellies.

I wonder if Leigh will go as well?


If he was to leave the dodgers you would like to think this could be the season LG comes home... he’d fit great with KN and Boyle...

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If he was to leave the dodgers you would like to think this could be the season LG comes home... he’d fit great with KN and Boyle...

I think there's a massive rebuild coming at the Smellies, and that Leigh will be part of the clear out.
I wouldn't mind seeing him back at ER in a Hibs strip.......but it's not as if the Sheep have previous form of nicking players on our wanted list......

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I'm surprised KT has never been mentioned as assistant to Glass.
I think a team down south will offer sparky 5x what us or the sheep could offer him , should as expected the smellies bin him. Despite all his baggage and bairns, he is still a very good football p!ayer who has a marvellous knack of scoring goals.


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Real gamble for them. I know McInnes wasn't everyone's cup of tea but he was a proven consistently top 4 SPL manager who perhaps was in the job too long. To take a relative rookie on board now does seem a bit of a shot in the dark. Hopefully they won't get any real new manager bounce, but you never know. I still think it's 50-50 between Hibs and Aberdeen for third spot.

Re Griffiths. He will definitely be away from Celtic in the summer when their new boss is appointed . He won't be part of the new set-up there. I think there is a decent chance of him coming to Hibs if Ross wants him, but he will have to be prepared to take a really big pay cut. Can't see him going to any other scottish club and I also don't see him going down south. He has too many ties here in Scotland,


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Just watched Willie Miller commenting on the appointment of Glass. He was hardly bubbling over with enthusiasm. He may have been reflecting the thoughts of Dons fans in general. I hope so.


I have had the same reaction form my few Dons mates - they all wanted rid of McInnes (the boil is lanced - was the type of comment when he got his books) but to a man would all have rather he stayed to the end of the season than to have taken this uninspiring risk. Also livid that Glass has been told his job is being kept open for him if it doesnt work out!
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