Getting robbed....


Legendary Radge
Got burgled three times in three years living in Newcastle, never have been in Edinburgh although got my bairns buggy chored a few years back..

Braehead Cabbage

Baldy radge
I work from home, so does my wife. I popped out to the car at lunchtime to stick something in my car which sits on my drive in a quiet suburban street in a posher bit of Livi. Two hours later a boy comes to me door trying to 'sell' me a free boiler, I tell him I dinnae need one, my mate is a brilliant plumber, and he says, do you know my car door is open? I check, it is, and someone has been in, rifled the glove box and nicked my sat nav and diabetic testing kit. My wifes office sits 10 feet above my car, I sit 20 feet away working, admittedly with my back to the car. Next door neighbour is a bizzie, he gets his mates right round but who ever broke in is long gone. Fuckers.
M didn't know you're diabetic,type 2.?
Ppl are c**ts


An Dun Radge
I’m sure Mark is Type 1, but maybe I’ve mis-remembered it. To have stuff stolen is bad enough but to have important medical equipment getting nicked is obscene. At least the car is still there.

The new tactics these guys are using are incredible.